New Hampshire - Gay marriage - gay donors

As money flies into a small state putting pressure on Gov. Lynch, Cornerstone Policy Research Action is seeking donations **immediately **to fight back. They have produced a 32 second Ad but need money to air it. Here is the Ad.

Then, in 2004,] In 2006 he “targeted a total of 70 state and local races in a dozen states” using “$15 million of his own money – on top of millions from his friends.” (FOTF) For his efforts he was successful in 50% of the races in which he was involved…

And FOTF is worried that Gill’s influence in New Hampshire may be all it takes to secure the passage of legislation legalizing same sex marriage there as well.

That Gill is involved in New Hampshire’s push for same sex marriage is undeniable. In an email that has become public, the state’s Democrat Chairman, Ray Buckley, listed donors that included the Gill Action Fund. This did not surprise Kevin Smith, Executive Director of Cornerstone Policy in New Hampshire, who told HUMAN EVENTS he had anticipated that “Gill would be involved and looking for ways to defeat legislators who supported traditional marriage in a swing districts.”

Time Magazine article - Gay Mafia

Using Ebbin’s expertise, the gay donors — none of whom live in Virginia — began contributing to certain candidates in the state.

There were five benefactors: David Bohnett of Beverly Hills, Calif., who in 1999 sold the company he had co-founded, Geo-Cities, to Yahoo! in a deal worth $5 billion on the day it was announced; Timothy Gill of Denver, another tech multimillionaire; James Hormel of San Francisco, grandson of George, who founded the famous meat company; Jon Stryker of Kalamazoo, Mich., the billionaire grandson of the founder of medical-technology giant Stryker Corp.; and Henry van Ameringen, whose father Arnold Louis van Ameringen started a Manhattan-based import company that later became the mammoth International Flavors & Fragrances.,8599,1854884,00.html

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