New HBO mini-series. House Of Saddam

So HBO is airing a mini-series soon called House Of Saddam. It’s about Saddam Hussein, his family affairs, and apparently explores Saddam’s psyche.

It is based on the final months that Saddam was in power.

It looks like it could be pretty good. Their series about John Adams was very well done, so I’m looking forward to see how this will turn out.

Here are some trailers for it…

These videos feature some very graphic violence, for anyone who doesn’t want to see such images.

Thanks for the heads up. I rarely watch television so didn’t know this would be airing. I agree HBO did a good job with John Adams, and also with Generation Kill.

HBO has some good stuff sometimes (The THIN documentary is excellent!), but what bothers me about them is the stuff they make like Sex and the City and the new one True Blood. Full of sex, violence, and other such things.

I agree about those shows. True Blood doesn’t bug me much about the sex and violence, but more because it’s just not very good lol.

But I guess they can’t all be great. Overall though HBO does tend to have better quality shows than other networks, both in writing and acting. Six Feet Under is still the greatest show ever in my opinion.

The actor playing Saddam is not bad but looks a little too young

There is an episode on youtube about the issue of Saddam’s sons in laws

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