New head of Vatican Secret Archives


Portuguese priest, writer, poet and essayist, appointed head of the Vatican Secret Archives.

Pe.José Tolentino Calaça de Mendonça.

EDIT: don’t change this topic’s category because bishop Tolentino Mendonça hasn’t been mentioned on CAF and emphasis being on the man places him clearly under philosophy.


Just why does the Vatican need a secret archive??


It is more “private” than “secret.”


Seems like a questionable choice of person.


Why stop there? I’ve heard ‘a lot of people say’ he’s actually the antichrist himself, who rules the world along with Pope Francis and the Lizard people. He’s coming for you! :scream::scream::scream:


How is this a useful source when learning about this individual?


Where are there references to this?


ogg is a self-confessed troll.


The lifesite news article was written by someone who doesn’t know what they were talking about. Not a single interview in English -that I could find- has been given by Pe.tolentino Mendonça, the vast majority of his work has not been translated.

But his thought and work has been well known for decades within the language spaces where he does express himself. A prolific author with dozens of books published, dozens of interviews, holding high profile offices and engaging in public debate with countless elements from all quadrants of society.

A catholic priest, philosopher and essayist, known to engage on all subjects and willing to engage in dialogue with everyone. Perhaps one of the foremost catholic intellectuals of our day.

His writing is certainly experimental and willing to explore perspectives without compromising on catholic teaching.


Philosophy is clearly the wrong forum for this topic. It’s about an administrative appointment in the Roman Curia. I moved it to Catholic News the first time but I won’t do you the same favor a second time.


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