New Heaven and Earth


This may not be the right Fora for this but here goes.

I suddenly started thinking about the following the other day. I’m sure it’s all been said before but I’ve personally never thought about it all in this way before. I was suddenly hit by the idea that in many ways the life, death and resurrection of Christ has already created a new Heaven and Earth.

Through the actions of the first Adam sin and death become the burden of man. Through the actions of the Second Adam sin and death are conquered.

Through the fruit of the First Eve the vehicle of sin of death was presented to Mankind and child birth becomes her curse. Through the Fruit of the Second Eve salvation and eternal life are presented to Mankind and child birth is its gateway.

Clean animals that once bore the burden of shedding their blood for grace are freed from this burden by the sacrifice of the Eternal Lamb.

Unclean animals are now made equal to the clean.

The fruits of the field which were once spurned by God now become vehicles of grace through the Eucharist.

Water which once condemned and destroyed the world, are now the vehicle of salvation and eternal life.

The grave was opened up and the dead ascended to Heaven and now through the grace of Christ our souls may now enter Heaven.

These are some of the things that occurred to me. I was wondering what all of you thought about it or if you’ve heard it before. Also I’m not sure honestly what I think of all of it but I thought it interesting if nothing else.



You’ve made some great points! :thumbsup:


Aren’t the resonances within Scripture amazing?

One more to chew on:

The yearning experienced by the Jews in Egypt and in Babylonian exile presage the sacrament of penance as the physical loss of the Temple and the Ark mark removal from God’s presence.


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