¨New Heaven, New Earth¨


I have another inquiry, also inspired by a visit by a JW, and their concept of the ¨Paradise Earth.¨

I have read the Catechism on the concept of the ¨New Heaven and New Earth,¨ but I still do not have a clear understanding of what we believe as Catholics as far as heaven after the last judgment goes.

The heavens and the earth will be renewed… will they be physically renewed? If our bodies will be resurrected, then would that mean we will physically be living on a physical earth? And then how does the beatific vision fit into this picture?

I´m quite perplexed, so I´d appreciate anyone who could enlighten me on the subject. Thank you!


I think the teaching of the Church on this is that we can’t really know for sure. It’s kind of like how we can’t really say if someone actually is going to heaven if they are living. There are some wonderful fictionalized accounts of what will happen, like in Gene Wolfe’s “The Book of the New Sun”, but that’s merely a novel. We have absolutely no way of knowing, and the Church isn’t going to teach a doctrine that is inaccurate/unproven. We can’t just make some theory up and call it fact.


Well, as for what type of body we will be resurrected in, read John 20:19 thru John 21 ( the whole chapter) This tells us of Jesus’ resurrected body, we find that it was physical, because Thomas touched it, however it was not like the body we are in now.

These things are not told to us in great detail, we do not need to know, we only need to have faith in what we have been told.

I spent a good two years meeting with JW’s once a week, and I found it very sad that they had to have an answer to everything. Faith seemed to be lacking because of this.


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