New Heaven?

I have a question running around in my head that won’t go away.
In Isaiah 65:17 and Isaiah 66:22, 2 Peter 3:13 and finally Revelations 21:1

These passages repeatedly mentioned a new heaven and a new earth. I’m not sure what that means, why would we need a new heaven? I think of heaven being our true home, the place of perfection, so what would be the need or reason for a new heaven? I’m very confused by this :confused: and would really appreciate some insight into these passages.

Thank you so very much for listening to me,

This is addressed in the Catechism nos. 1042-1050.

Essentially the phrase “new heaven and new earth” is simply an expression. It refers to the end of time when all is made new. The kingdom of God will be in all and the world that has been affected by sin will be renewed. Sometimes the expression is new heavens and new earth. Either way, its meant to indicated that the entire universe and indeed all of creation will be renewed/transformed into something in perfect union with God.

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