New heavens, new earth, and more about the sky

Yesterday at Mass, during one of the readings the lecter(?, or at least the reader) read a passage which contained the phrase “new heavens and new earth”. I was fussing with a ‘song page’ at the time and didn’t realize I was missing out until the part that most interested me started to fade from my awareness.

I ‘came to’ fast enough to write down the phrase “new heavens and new earth” before it faded too much more, but the part that most interested me was something like ‘and the sky will pass away with a roar’. I’m confused enough that I’m not 100% sure that that was really there, but I’m about 90% sure that it was.

I googled the phrase “new heavens and new earth” and came up with Revelations 21. More searching didn’t seem to yield anything very productive. I have a bible myself (A large thick heavy one entitled The Jerusalem Bible) but that didn’t give me any satisfaction either, since it didn’t say anything about the sky vanishing with a roar.

My personal idiosyncratic reason for wanting to read the exact words that were read at Mass is that the wording of that version of whatever it was reminded me of such astronomical/cosmological phenomena as the big rip and of things that I have read elsewhere about the radiation pulse from a supernova being capable of making an audible noise in our own atmosphere even though the explosion would have been many many light years away.

Does any of this (the sky vanishing with a roar) ring any bells with anybody, and is the reading at Mass common across the entire country (USA)?

On another note, I’m fairly conversant with things like the big rip, and I know it won’t occur for billions of years if it ever occurs at all so it probably isn’t related to the passage read at Mass. I’d just like to read the exact words again and think about them.

Thank you to anybody who answers. :slight_smile:

Here are the readings:

Thank you very much, Anthony V! :thumbsup:

You hit the nail on the head. Verses 10 and 12 were the ones I wanted to see. :slight_smile:

I take it then that all readings are the same over very wide geographical regions.

The reading should be the same all over the world. We use the Lectionary which gives the readings for every day according to the church year (season, ordinary time, etc) It is a three year cycle that starts Advent (the beginning of the church year). It might be in a different language, but it should be the same story.

Cool huh!

Thank you. Yes, cool. I do seem to remember the priest saying something about the three year cycle a couple of Sundays ago or so, but I didn’t know about the “all over the world” part.

Catholic means universal for a reason :thumbsup:

Peace and Blessings,
Anthony V

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