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   I am new here and need some advice. I am having a fear of going out on my own and doing things like going to work or going to the store because I always am thinking "what if I crash the car" "what if something happens" what if I die while I am out in town" What can I do to stop this? I know that I am not suppose to be scared. Part of the problem is a few years ago I had a car crash and since then I am scared of going of on my own. I cant hardly make myself drive on the interstate or in the rain or at night. What can I do? I am also scared to do anything because everyone keeps saying that the world is going to end soon.

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some anxieties are unreasonable. a fear based on actual experience is not unreasonable. but the answer is to look at what caused the accident and do your best to correct it–get the car fixed, get defensive driver training etc. When the fear becomes magnified that it interferes with your life is the time to get some professional help and putting it in perspective. Prayer helps, and is in fact necessary in overcoming this.


Hi Always Catholic, welcome to CAF :wave:

You’re right, we’re not to be afraid. In scripture we are told 365 times “do not fear.” (another CAF poster shared that recently, and I was surprised at the frequency!) We know that Jesus promised He would never leave us and that in Him there is nothing to fear. I would suggest talking with your priest and of course, staying close to Jesus in the sacraments – He will strengthen you and give you courage and peace.

I’d also suggest speaking with a therapist (hopefully a Catholic one) regarding the anxiety that is the result of your car accident several years ago. What was once a normal reaction to a traumatic event sounds like it could be getting a bit out of your control, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m sure that coupling staying close to Jesus and seeking the help of a qualified professional would be great for you.

Hope that helps, look forward to chatting with you! CAF is a great place! :smiley:


How long ago was your accident??? I was mugged and for 2 years I couldn’t even walk a block after sundown… it took time and patience to get over the fear that everytime I went out after dark I would be mugged.


It sounds as if you might have some anxiety issues that could be helped by a professional counselor. On a practical note, you might think about the “what-if’s” in a realistic manner. What if you went to the store and got in a car crash? If you weren’t injured, you’d have to call someone to come and get you, or walk home or take the bus, and your car would have to go to the body shop. If you were injured, you might have to go to the hospital for awhile. Inconvenient and painful, yes, but not the end of the world by any means. I speak from experience because I have been the victim of three crashes in the last five years, all the other guys’ fault. No major injuries, thankfully, but one of my shoulders still isn’t right. Oh well, that’s life, and something else to offer up. I’m still out there driving around, although I am a bit more cautious out in the area where my car was totalled. As far as this business about the world going to end, people have been saying that for centuries. My grandfather told my parents not to bother building their house because Christ was going to come back any minute now. That was 50 years ago, and they stayed in that house until they were so old they couldn’t manage it anymore. If the Lord does return, great! – better days are ahead for people of faith. And if He doesn’t, we will go on with our lives for awhile. Since we don’t know the day of His coming, we might as well carry on with our plans and our daily routines. What if you are away and you die? If it is time for the Lord to call you from this life, it doesn’t matter if you are away from home or sitting in your own living room. Don’t let the devil paralyze you with fear. Trust that whatever happens, God loves you and is with you through it all. Pray to your Guardian Angel, too! One of our priests gave an excellent homily once about where Jesus was walking on the water and Peter got out of the boat and started walking toward him. As long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he stayed afloat, but as soon as he began to fear, he started to sink. I think of that often, and remember to keep my eyes on Jesus when things get scary or weird or iffy or whatever. Maybe this can help you, too. God bless!


Hi Always Catholic,

I was in a car accident on the interstate about 10 years ago. I still think about it/and get nervous every time I drive by the spot, and I am still nervous to drive fast when it is raining. What helped me was reading everything I could find about what to do when hydroplaning.


Do you continue to relive the accident in your mind? If so, ask God to help you to stop doing that.

Now, think practically. Focus on how many people run errands, take trips, and arrive back home safely. The odds are in your favor.

If you can’t fix this yourself, you may need to talk to a professional. You can get past this.


You may want to seek some counseling to get over the trauma of the crash, and to rule out any anxiety disorders.

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