New here...some questions

i am 17… i have been to confession twice in my life. once when i was like 7 years old… and the other when i was about 15. when i was 15 i left sins out that i had committed as a 13 year old…sins that i have long abandoned (primarily, the sin of rejecting God and experimenting with other religions). obviously i don’t do that anymore, and i am sorry i ever did it. that sin was 4 years ago. do i tell my priest? (even though it no longer applies?)

now that i feel like i’ve grown up a bit, i can say that i do want to be a catholic, and i will fully embrace Catholicism into my life. since i have not been to confession regularly…what if i forget something? will it invalidate the rest of my confession? i’ve made a list of my sins, and am contemplating even bringing it with me so i don’t forget it!! will that look stupid? im meeting with my cym (catholic youth ministries) director tomorrow…maybe he can answer a few of these questions…i’m just so nervous that i’ll forget something :confused:

**My opinion is that when the priest says that he absolves you of your sins, he means exactly what he says, and even the sins that you may have sincerely forgotten will also be forgiven.

Bringing a ‘list’ of sins does not make you look stupid, believe me. It shows an honesty and sincerity in life that you want to make your relationship to the Lord right. Amen.**

There’s nothing wrong with discussing old sins with the priest.

If you honestly forget to mention a sin, it is still forgiven. The only problem is when you intentionally do not mention a sin.

It’s not uncommon to bring a list, especially if it has been a while since the last confession.


When you were 13 did you know then that you were committing a sin? For it to be a Mortal sin the following three things need to happen:

  1. Needs to be a serious matter
  2. Knowledge or firm belief that the act is seriously wrong prior to committing the act, and
  3. Full consent of the will

When you say you didn’t confess it, was it because you forgot to or chose not too? If you chose not to and you knew it was a sin then I think your confession was invaild, I’m sure someone who knows more than me can correct me if I’m wrong. Even so you you should confess this to your Priest next time you go to confession (better to be sure). If you go to confession and forget to confess a sin ( I think a lot of us do) then you need to confess it next time you go to confession. If you forget something it won’t invaildate your confession.

And bringing a list of your sins with you so that you don’t forget is fine. I did this when I went to my first confession after about 8 years away from the Church.

I hope this helps and if I’m wrong in anything I’ve said I hope someone will correct me.

Why are you sorry for exploring other religions? I mean, unless you know what you’re rejecting how can you say you believe what you really believe?

It’s easy to say that McDonald’s has the tastiest hamburgers on the block if you refuse to visit Burger King, Wataburger, or any other hamburger place.

I mean, in other disciplines questioning is reasonable, expected and encouraged given it’s done in moderation and with good judgment.

I think there’s more that we need to be sorry about than just thinking about joining other religions.

First,Welcome Home.More of us need the courage and determination that you are showing.If you leave out a mortal sin (Knowing it is a mortal sin),are sorry,and intend on not commiting it again,Bring it up in Confession.The Priest will Help you andOur Lord will be pleased,after all He Loves you and is waiting and longing to forgive you.May our Heavenly Father Bless you.

Absolutely no problem bringing a list. I was a Methodist until 44 years old when I converted to the Catholic faith. You can imagine how my list was and how long my confession took!

I almost have a list every time I go to confession. It makes it easier for me.

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