New House of Formation established within Diocesan Seminary Allen Hall

Quite a significant event for the growth of the church particularly in Britain but surely an event that will spark much reaction across the world

Have any of you guys heard about this, what do you think?

Why does the Archdiocese of Westminster call itself the “Dioceses of Westminster”?

Does that really matter! :confused: :shrug:

No, it’s doesn’t matter. I’m just simply curious. These kind of things interest me. :blushing:

In regards to your org post: I really don’t have a comment. If the Holy See determines that the Way has a place in the Church for good, than great. If it doesn’t, well… I will continue to watch how this develops… :popcorn:

I know little about the Neocatechumenal Way, other than that they are considered controversial in some circles. I dimly recall that they have occasionally been in public disputes with their local bishops. Perhaps this history is reflected in Archbishop Nichols statement about the growing understanding and trust between the Way and the (arch)archdiocese.

Does the the Neocatechumenal Way have a house of formation in diocesan seminaries anywhere else, or is this the first in the world?

Well, I don’t know why it’s diocese and not archdiocese in that case :whacky:

Yes,they are considered as controversial how ever this is a great step in them being more widely acepted.

I believe there are 100 houses of formation worldwide now, see “Worldwide Locations”:

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