New Human species found

I am curious as to what the Vatican’s view is on the new human species that was recently found in Africa? anyone?

I’ve posted a few links to help the OP out:

The “new species” was found in Siberia, but it has not yet been confirmed that this is, in fact, a new species of human. It’s difficult, I think, to place a new branch on the phylogenetic tree based on the mitochondrial DNA of one individual. Even so, I do not think that the vatican would react in any surprised or outraged way. Scientists have been finding “new species” for years, including the hobbit-like homo floresiensis mentioned in the guardian article. The definition of “species” itself is also more fluffy than you would think in evolutionary biology.

Bonniemar, you didn’t provide a news link, so I am just guessing, but are you referring to this discovery in South Africa?

Despite the headline, I don’t think the new species is considered human, but pre-human. The tentative designation being given is Australopithecus sediba.

I’m not sure that a Vatican spokesman has discussed the discovery, but as pre-human fossils I am not sure that it is necessary. Australopithecus fossils have been known for decades.

As for the Siberian discovery… I think that is quite a bit more speculative.

Thanks, Dale! I didn’t see the South African discovery.

Oh, sure thing! When I saw the title of the thread, I thought it might have been about Siberia, but when she mentioned Africa… well, I wondered. Of course, I could have guessed wrong. :o

When the title read new, I thought it really meant ‘new’. I was wondering which of our populations the new species mutated from.

One more species of extinct gorilla, and it’s supposed to be the “missing link”. Ho-hum. :rolleyes:

it is an extinct Australopithecus, not a Gorilla

a “missing link” as you put it would be far older

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