New international monastic convent in Europe


After little more than 3 1/2 years I left the convent. But I still dream of living a monastic life. With the experiences I made, I know that life in community isn't possible without compromises, but I also know what kind of compromises I'm not willing to make.

I'm dreaming of a community with an atmosphere of mutual trust and honest interest in each other. A community where the language of communication is english, while the language of common prayer is latin. My dream is a rather little monastic community of 8-20 sisters from different countries, living together in a monastery in Europe within the benedictine/cistercian tradition. Since there exists an ideal place (a monastery built in the 90's in a beautiful landscape) I'm wondering if there are any others sharing a similar dream.

No more: We've always done it that way! But building a new convent together. Finding our way of monastic life. Building a vision for our monastery.

Anyone who wants to give it a try?


Welcome, Paula…

I had posted on making new foundations in ‘thread for founders.’

While its a nice dream, I would put every effort into living it myself, see if its practical, and then do some advertising. Does your local bishop have any plans for contemplative life in his pastoral plan?

You are an ‘army of one’ as they say. I would live the life, and see where those attracted come from. They may not be actually from other countries, but could be those ethnicities.



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