New iPhone app explains the new English translation

Nice to see somebody take the initiative, especially since our bishops haven’t yet got off the mark in instructing the faithful.

I’ll but that for 99 cents!

I’ll buy that for 99 cents!

I meant I’ll BUY that for 99 cents! It’s nothing you can’t already get on-line but it is in a nice format for my I-Phone so I can make quick look-ups without going on-line.

My own view is . . .

Thanks for posting about this! I will be looking for it!

COnsidering that we still do not have the final translation from ROme as they are making their own “adjustments” which the rumor mill says are significant, I don’t see how getting this app at this time is a good idea.

You’re right. But maybe kids will get their parents to get them an iPhone now just because it has the new translations. :D:D

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