New Jane Eyre Movie coming out March 11th

Can’t wait it looks good.

One of my favorite books of all time!! :extrahappy: Thank you for letting us know about the new movie, I will absolutely be seeing it.:popcorn:

Thanks again for the "heads up", it's appreciated.

I've been looking forward to this movie for months! I just hope my town gets it. We don't always get good movies like this.
I really like the actor they picked for Mr Rochester. Michael Fassbender is a really great actor.


Jane Eyre is the best book ever! I hope the movie doesn’t disappoint.

Who’s playing Rochester??

edit JK, should have read the whole thread. d’oh

Michael Fassbender is playing Rochester. He's perfect for the role I think. He is a very intense actor, though not very known here in the States. He had a smaller role in Quentin Tarantino;s Inglourious Ba**erds. He was in a movie called Hinger. I think it came out in '08. His performance in that movie was incredible.
I'm so mad right now. The movie isn't starting in my City any time soon that I can tell. I hate it when that happens:P

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Can't wait it looks good.


there is as much entertainment to be had comparing and criticizing various film versions of this book, as in reading it or watching the films themselves. I can't wait

Wow are you serious! This is so exciting! I love Jane Eyre. Woo-hoo!! :thumbsup::smiley: You just made my day.

It won’t open in my area till 3/25/11 :frowning:

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It won't open in my area till 3/25/11 :-(


Lucky you, I don't see it starting in my city for the next month:(

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