New Jersey: Christie Veto of Planned Parenthood Tax-Funds Upheld

New Jersey: Christie Veto of Planned Parenthood Tax-Funds Upheld

Trenton, NJ – Democrats in the New Jersey legislature were unable to override a veto pro-life Gov. Chris Christie issued to prevent taxpayers in the Garden State from having to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

:extrahappy: Go Gov Go!!

Tax dollars cannot fund abortions. They fund contraceptives, education, and sexual health needs for low income adults.

That is true that they cannot directly fund abortions but funding clinics for “womens health” that perform abortions such as planned parenthood IS funding abortion. Tax dollars should not be allowed to go to any individual institution that performs acts that are against the law i.e public funds of abortions.
There are health departments all over the country that can deal with most of the other “womens health” issues other than abortions that can and should recieve public funds. If planned parenthood can circumvent the laws by lying and directing children to have abortions verces reporting the crimes such as adult men and child sex rings they should be put in prison and shut down yet we give them money.
If planned parenthood wants to do both then they should split. One should be called planned parenthood and the other unplanned parenthood and they should not be allowed to share money directly or indirectly if they wish to receive public funds.

Name one.

any county health city or state health dept.

And when the state gives PP money for those things, it frees PP funds to pay for abortions.

If PP is concerned about those things you list, they will stop killing babies.



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