New Jersey could ban eating, drinking while driving


New Jersey could ban eating, drinking while driving


Great! Cleaner used cars! :thumbsup:


I’ve already banned myself from driving through New Jersey anyway. :shrug:


Just something else they have realized many people do already and feel they may be able to squeeze more fine money out of them, by creating a law against it.

For traffic laws to be ‘financially beneficial’ they have to expect a certain number of people who will routinely break this law, seatbelt laws were great at this, at the time they came out, many people did not wear them, so many people got dinged for it, now that majority of people are wearing them, its less revenue coming in, not as many citations written, so they have to come up with something else that enough people already do for it to pay off for them.


Great idea! We can also ban cutting your fingernails, tying your shoes, shaving, putting on makeup, and who knows how many other things one shouldn’t be doing while driving. The sky’s the limit!!!:rolleyes: :mad:


Same here.


Is there anything more distracting than kids in the car?

I love that the law will give LEOs wide discretion to decide who looks distracted. So even if you obey the speed limit, signal at all your turns, all of your tail lights are working &c Officer Friendly can still pill you over for looking distracted. Look forward to more stops, more unwarranted searches, more thefts (um ,I mean “forfeiture”) of cash and private property.


:eek: But…but…but…The New Jersey police would never do something like that!


You’re right. I’m sure the NJ police are at least as honest as their governor, legislators & mayors.


Great… America is full of Soviet-style apparatchiks. Sad…




How is this Soviet style? Cars are not the dinner table…I feel the same way about those who text…please don’t text and drive or eat and drive. Distracted driving does cause accidents.


It’s “Soviet style” because it’s absolutely impossible to not be distracted while driving, so what you’ll have is a law that is selectively enforced, most likely, on those least able to afford it, like young parents. Of course, the governor and other high government officials have chauffeur driven SUVs so they won’t be impacted at all.


Thinking about driving while driving? Keeping your eyes on the road while driving? Turning your wheel while driving? :eek:


Good luck with that… :rolleyes:


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