New Jersey Man Accused Of Shooting Down Neighbor’s Remote Control Drone


CBS Philadelphia:

New Jersey Man Accused Of Shooting Down Neighbor’s Remote Control Drone

LOWER TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) — A New Jersey man was arrested after police say he shot down a neighbor’s remote control drone. According to investigators, officers with the Lower Township Police Department were called to a home in the 1000 block of Seashore Road on September 26th to investigate the report by a resident that his remote control helicopter (drone) was shot down.

Investigators say the resident was taking aerial photographs of his friend’s home, which is under construction.
While doing so, the resident told police he heard several gunshots as he simultaneously lost control of the drone.
After retrieving the drone, the resident observed multiple holes in it that were consistent with a shotgun blast.

I think we’re going to see more of this.


Probably. But it is unnecessary and dangerous. People need to get a life.


Violence wasn’t necessary, but perhaps laws are needed to restrict the use of surveillance drones. Establishing what are the property and privacy rights in such situations may be necessary. Remote controlled aircraft can be used for criminal purposes or cause a safety hazard.

In this particular case, the problem could have been avoided if drone-man had simply asked permission from his neighbor before he started filming.


Note to drone owners in Lower Township, NJ. Fly your drones over the Police Department Building. Not over your gun owning neighbor’s place. Apparently. :wink:

:hmmm: - There’s a constitutional right to bear arms. There’s NOT one to fly drones. No one was hurt. And yet … :hmmm::hmmm: :smiley:


He was filming his friend’s home right? Meaning he didn’t have to ask the nutter for any kind of permission.


Potentially not true.

It seems the drone owner was filiming the house of a friend, and the friend’s neighbor shot the drone down.

The permission required would not be in regards to filiming, but if the drone was sent over the neighbor’s property, or if the filiming of the friends house was done on the neighbor’s property, that WOULD generally require permission.


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