New Jersey, USA: transgender-man, (a person who is female but identifies as male), sues a Catholic hospital for refusing to remove womb


The transgender woman, Jionni Conforti, has sued the Catholic hospital, St. Joseph’s medical center, for not performing a hysterectomy, removing her womb, saying this refusal violated anti-discrimination laws. In response in federal court that this suit threatens its religious freedom as a Catholic health provider/

“Conforti has said that her surgeon, who has admitting privileges at St. Joseph’s, was prepared to perform the procedure in 2015 when a hospital administrator sent an email saying that ‘as a Catholic Hospital we would not be able to allow your surgeon to schedule this surgery.’ He later had the surgery elsewhere after finding a different surgeon.”

“The health care system previously said in a statement that it is bound by regulations established by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2009 that provide guidance on health care and moral issues.”

"In its response to Conforti’s complaint, it wrote that courts do not have the right to exercise jurisdiction over religious directives for Catholic hospitals. It added that forcing the hospital ‘to approve a sterilization procedure in furtherance of gender transition would be contrary’ to those regulations and ‘contravene defendants’ sincerely held religious belief.’”


Kyrie eleison.


This is only going to get worse, just watch.


Why didn’t this individual just go to a different hospital for this mutilation?

There are any number of institutions that will allow anything.


Because for people of a certain view, anything not forbidden must be compulsory. It is not enough that they have access to these mutilations; they must have the power to compel anybody to provide it for them.


I am in the UK, and here we don’t have “catholic hospitals” or any religious hospitals. How does it work. Is the hospital “owned” or "governed"by the Church?

Incidently, I corrected the title . A transgender woman is a person who is male but identifies as female. A transgender man (as this individual is) is a person who is female but identifies as male.


In no sane world does refusing to mutilate someone amount to “discrimination.” But the courts probably won’t care. We’ll see what happens.


The article says that Conforti’s surgeon had admitting privileges at this Catholic hospital. Perhaps this surgeon doesn’t have such privileges at another hospital which would require Conforti to also find another doctor.


From my understanding, a Catholic hospital is one that has ties to the Church one way or another. Mercy Health System, for example, has ties to the Sisters of Mercy. Other hospitals are owned by other religious organizations.

Religious hospitals are one of the bigger healthcare providers in the US. One near to where I live was very, very serious about preferential treatment for the poor. It’s a good thing overall.

It may change. Some politicians have spoken of trying to force Catholic Hospitals to provide abortions; and the owners of those facilities have said they’d shut down first.

We’ll see.

Overall, this type of suit is sad to me. There are enough other hospitals that this person could get the surgery elsewhere.


Heh…I’d do the surgery if I were in the doctor’s place…it’s not like the trans person will find satisfaction in that anyways. They never really do.


The Catholic hospitals were founded by religious orders, and the nuns ran the place, served as nurses and did other work there.


A lot of hospitals that are now “Catholic” hospitals weren’t originally Catholic but were bought up by Catholic hospital chains. As a result, some people live in communities where their hospital was bought and if they want certain procedures banned by the Catholic Church, they must travel a long distance to find a Non-Catholic hospital.


Perhaps where you are at.

But here in Pittsburgh, we don’t have any existing Catholic hospitals. The Catholic hospital we did have like Mercy and St. Francis were bought up UPMC- the U. of Pittsburgh Medical Center… Although UPMC Mercy still has a Catholic “identity”, a Catholic chaplain and mass said daily, it is no longer owned by the Sisters of Mercy.


That said in the US can’t you get pretty much any medical treatment if you have the money. I remember years ago when my mother asked her GP how to get a double mastectomy she was advised she’d need to go to the US as she didn’t qualify for an NHS one.


Thank you


Thank you



You’d mutilate a sick person? This person needs help, and that’s the help you’d give?


What is perhaps most interesting to me in this article is that the surgeon claims that the procedure is “medically necessary” in order to prevent cancer that may be caused by receiving hormone treatments. So let me get this straight, patient wants elective hormone and surgical services to transition to a man, and is now claiming that the potential result of this elective procedure requires another procedure to prevent cancer. Call me crazy, but how is that “medically necessary?” Anyone else find that entire definition as absurdly ironic?


There are quite a lot of medications that might require another medication to counter side effects. So, transitioning can be seen as a kind of medicine to alleviate the suffering caused by gender dysphoria. But that medicine might have side effects that must also be addressed. It therefore becomes a question of whether treating the gender dysphoria is more important than the possible side effects of treatment.


Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that its effective in helping the patient.

But on the other hand, he can go to anywhere as it is usually something not covered by insurance and cash patients are always welcome in a lot of places. He can go to Trinidad Colorado which specializes in this kind of thing, instead of forcing those opposed to it to sanction it.

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