New Jersey, USA: transgender-man, (a person who is female but identifies as male), sues a Catholic hospital for refusing to remove womb


But of course that’s the exact idea. It was only about “compassion” and “sensitivity” and “respect” until they had the social support. Now it’s agree or be punished.


Unfortunately, there isn’t really very much good scientific research on this issue because most studies rely on small numbers of participants and there hasn’t been very much long term follow up. But some people definitely do benefit whereas some don’t. It’s too early to draw any sound scientific conclusions about this.


Of course, LGBT people have a long history of being punished, so it’s a little hard to be sympathetic with what you’re saying.


It’s hard to sympathize with a group of people being discriminated against because in your opinion their ancestors discriminated against others? Explain that one to me.

We don’t fix injustice with injustice. You fix injustice by choosing to be just in the future. Punishing children for the father’s sins is considered cruel and unusual punishment, legally speaking.


You are right, there are very few folks that have transitioned. I did see the interview David Susskind did with Christine Jorgensen regarding this, and I understand it is a pretty rare situation.

The only thing I’d say on this is that this kind of radical surgery has only been even possible for a few decades, but just because its possible now doesn’t mean that its that wise to actually do it. I would think that it would probably be better to try and find a pharmaceutical kinds of treatments instead of irreversible surgery.


Worse and weirder.


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