New Job for Husband - ASAP!


Please pray for our family. My husband was very wrongly fired this week by a crazy woman. I won’t bore you with the details but he came off the road from driving a truck across country in August to accept a local position. We have been so happy and so thrilled with him home. Plus he loved this job delivering grain to farms! We are crushed.

Now he and another driver were wrongly fired and we are devastated that this could happen and without any idea what to do next as jobs are so scarce in our area and the holidays upon us.

It is very hard for me to work due to physical problems but I may have to try and find something.

Please pray for us to know what to do, to be able to release our anger at this company and these people. They were paying with bad checks and probably won’t be in business long anyway. They certainly were not ethical in any way. Please pray for some direction for my husband to find a good paying job with benefits and hopefully to still be local and to recover his confidence from being fired.

Thanks so much for your prayers.



Praying for your husband to find a local,good paying job.Also praying for the people who let him go.


Dear Lord, we thank You for getting Amie’s husband out of this unethical company, but beg You to lead him to meaningful employment quickly. We trust, Lord, that You will never abandon us. Keep Amie and her husband strong in their faith, and fill them with love. In Jesus name we pray.


Praying for your intentions, May God carry you and your family through anyhting and everything that comes to you. My love to you and your family


Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


As one door closes another door opens. Make sure he goes to unemployment asap. Just to cover the gap.

:signofcross: Oh gracious Lord we pray that you provide a stable healthy work environment for our friend Amies’ husband. As You Father always provide; provide for her family with swiftness. You, Heavenly Father provide the sparrows with what they need and we have the ultimate faith that you will also provide for our friend in this time of need. You are a Loving Merciful God who never leads your sheep astray. I pray that this removal from one job will be replaced with a much better more fulfilling path of employment for Amies husband. Thank you our Gracious Lord for hearing our prayer.

Two and more are gathered here in Jesus name thus I am sure everything is going to work out for the best. God Bless you with abundance my friend.



Praying very hard for your husband. You might want to look at to see if there are any opportunities there.


I’m joining in prayers for you and your husband .
Lord save this family passing through hard times , after Amie’s husband lost his job in the most unfair way . They are struggle now with many problems , help them Lord , open the door for a steady and well paid job for Amie’s husband, so they will be able to manage with their daily requirements .
In Jesus Holy Name and through intercession of bless Saint Joseph , Amen



(beautiful prayer Michael)


Praying for your husband and your whole family.



Oh wow, Lily…so sorry to hear this. Prayers going up to God to lead your husband to a steady and stable job…asap.


I just want to thank you all and ask you to keep praying. I know it is working because I have felt so abandoned by God and I have now regained my senses and know that He does everything for our good. This has just hit us hard. I have just been filled with fear and am feeling better in that regard too so I know your prayers are working. :slight_smile:

Also, please add the other driver who was fired, Don and his wife to your prayers. They are in their 50’s and 60’s, she is not in good health but works for not very much money and they could be evicted by the end of the month. They are in worse shape than us. Please pray for this couple.





Praying very hard for all of you!


Prayed for you and your husband specially today, will also pray for Don and his wife.



Will definately keep all of you in our prayers. What a frustrating time, keep in mind everything happens for a reason, whether we know what reason that is or not, there is still a reason. Possibly he could have lost his life driving if he continued on that job, or maybe there is something out there that is so much better for you and your family. You never know what that reason may be. None the less, definately will pray for you and your families!!
If you ever feel you want to work from home, I have been working from home now for a few months and I love it. Just let me know if you want some info I’d be glad to share. Take care and keep us posted.

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