New job for the semi-retired

So I’m the new delivery driver for the pharmacy where my wife works. I spend a couple of hours a day stocking the shelves, sweeping the floor, and delivering prescriptions around the city. Some of the areas I drive into are pretty seedy so they gave me this uniform you see below to intimidate the hostile locals. But in order to keep it from damaging the car interior I have to drive with my head stuck out the side window. I may have clipped a few cyclists and scratched the odd car. It also helps keep pedestrians from getting in my way. Note the anti-Covid mask with the pharmacy logo on it. This is to reassure the old ladies in the nursing homes that everything is ok and not to panic. After dark I carry a gas-powered, flaming torch so I can see where the doorbells are located on the houses. If there is no bell ( and I can’t believe the number of houses that don’t have one) I just pound on the door and wave the torch in the window to alert folks that someone is out there. But again, the pharmacy sticker on the mask should ease any sense of alarm and let everyone know it’s just a meds delivery.



That could be quite intimidating if someone does not see the delivery car! :joy:

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You’re joking, right?

That is so totally awesome

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If you have to ask, you haven’t read nearly enough of my previous posts. :grin:

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