New job or not?


OK, I need your help. I need opinions on what you would do…

Right now, I work for a group of companies…not a bad job at all but the pay stinks. The reason the pay stinks is because my boss denied my last two pay raises because “the company you are assigned to has not brought any money in yet” Of which I have no control… I am a support person not a money making person in this company. It is a relatively new company and while our international branch is bringing in money, our US division is not mostly due to trying to get government contracts.

Now, we also have another new company… but this one is due to start bringing in income in the next 6 months. It has the potential to make many times more money than the other company. So, yesterday the boss asked me to do a little research about some start-up stuff. What I found out is that we need a person just to deal with the IRS and the EPA… in other words someone that can read and understand government forms and rules.

Everywhere I have worked I have had to deal with OSHA, AFOSH, or other government agencies(FCC, FAA, USAF, USN, etc…). So the boss thinks I would be a candidate for this position. I don’t want to assume, but this should come with quite a pay raise. Now for the kicker… I love what I do now, I will still be doing it even with a new position because the boss likes to multitask his people, but I loathe paperwork and the kind of stuff that this job requires except for the travel… that I love.

I am very in debt… my bills are all behind and I am going nuts over it. But I don’t want to do this just for money because I know I will end up resenting it. I know the boss wants me to do this because he feels bad about no raise, but I really loathe paperwork! The thing is, if I don’t take it… he will hire someone else and that person will have me help automate the paperwork anyway. This was my plan… I could reduce the paperwork by generating reports and programming in when they are due… quarterly, annually, etc… and I would also set up a database to manage it… this is exactly what another person would have me do anyway, so why am I balking at it?

Another bene of the position is that my office would move across the building… I don’t particularly like our office manager… well that’s putting it mildly. Let’s just say, we don’t get along. I would love to get further away. I also have been assigned as a lab assistant to our lead chemist, a position I don’t get to do because I am always covering phones for the office manager. She finds any excuse not to be at work… dr appts, dentist appts… boyfriends birthday (yes, every year she takes it off and I can’t take DH’s b-day off because her boyfriends b-day is a day before my dh’s). Last year she took 29 days off for vacation days and I end up playing secretary for her. She leaves at least a half hour to an hour early every day for “bank runs” but the bank is literally 6 blocks away and they take her stuff right away since we are a business.

Now… the bad points (other than paperwork)… I don’t think the boss would do it but I could lose my job title… which would hamper me if I ever wanted to work elsewhere. Right now I have my dream job title… which would open me up to get a better job if I ever left.

So give it to me… what do you think? Would you just suck it up and do the job or not? Would it depend on the pay increase?


Well, I’d discuss it all IN DETAIL with your boss - who’s a nice guy, as I recall. Would you def be able to automate the paperwork and then mostly keep doing your computer stuff, that you like? If so, then I’d take it, if only for the travel and getting away from that woman.

If not, no amount of money would make me do soul-stifling paperwork all the time. You don’t have to do work that bores you and makes you resent it, unless the only alernative is absolutely starving your family, and it’s not. There’s no ‘thou shalt take the better-paying job’ commandment, is there? :smiley:

May the Lord guide you where He wants you!


Thanks Paradoxy… One of my co-workers (the one who would be my boss if I take this position) told me that instead of asking for double my salary (which is what I had planned on) I should be quadrupling it since the responsibilities are way up there. I told him I would settle for what was promised to me in my original contract… which is just above double my current salary.


Take the job. Don’t worry about your job title. When you update your resume, you can add a note that says that this is a significant promotion for you.


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