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I just got hired for a receptionist’s position in a doctor’s office. Today was my first day and I was overwhelmed. I never worked a job like this in my life, it’s always been retail and for the last 5 years I’ve been working from home as a bookkeeper (and sometimes clerking) for the local Christian bookstore. I had no choice but to get another job. The thing is I am still working for the bookstore from home, am going to school (online classes so it’s more convienient but still grueling), and take care of my 4 kids.

Please keep me in prayer. I had a tough day, I survived but came home and cried about not being there for my little ones like before. My parents are gracious enough to care for them instead of putting them in daycare, so that is a true blessing, but it’s still hard for me.

How do moms do it, work outside the house and raise their kids? I’m at a loss! I have to log off now but will hopefully check back in the next couple of days for any responses to this post.

Please pray for my family and me. I am struggling over whether or not I made a good decision to go to work…I keep telling myself that it’s all good since my husband will be off this summer and we just went a whole month without a paycheck from him because of how the Easter break fell. We need the money to simply pay the bills, it’s not like I’m working just to have things. I am tired of being behind on bills all the time. I need to work to survive! But I miss my kids. I miss my home when I am gone all day. I think that we struggled through all these years, I can do it some more…so you see the conflict I have in my head.

Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.

God bless.


Kelly, I don’t have any words of wisdom for you, I was lucky to be laid off from my job a couple of months before our son was born. I don’t know how women with families do it. My only guess is that’s how McDonald’s and Burger King stay in business! :wink: I will keep you in my prayers. At least keep in your mind that you are teaching your children that sometimes in life you have to do the hard thing. I’m sure they know you love them. Hopefully because of this job, you may be able to stash away a little extra cash for a family trip together. I hope that for you! God bless!


I so completely understand.
I work full time… and have my two little boys in daycare at our parish. It is a very difficult thing, but for us it’s working out okay.

We’re right on the border, financially. We could probably scrape by if I stayed home, but is scraping always better?.. month to month, bill to bill, stress and upsets over money. I hate thinking about money. I’d say it’s a rather complicated matter that isn’t black and white.

You are very blessed to have your parents willing to watch your children… it’s family. I wouldn’t consider that difficult at all!

I know how painful it is to be away from your kids… very tough. You’ll be in my prayers… and they’ll be fine. They’ll treasure these memories they’re making with their grandparents. Really, it’s an overall benefit… not just for the money.

God bless.


Remember that things always change, so your life will not always be like this. I can remember the stress and fatigue while I went to school FT and worked FT on the graveyard shift. Just keep moving toward the finish line with school because it will come eventually.

You are building skills for yourself and a future for your children. You are not leaving them with others for selfish reasons, so please do not feel guilty. You will be better able to provide a safe and healthy life for them if you are able to finish school and acquire more work experience. You are blessed to have your parents to help right now, so get your goals accomplished while it is possible.


I guess I might not understand the reason why you are working two jobs and going to school yet your husband isn’t working right now? Is he ill? It seems to me that he might need to work more rather than put more pressure on you to help pay bills. I’m not against working moms, heaven knows. I worked plenty when my husband was in law school, and we raised 6 kids, too! It was very stressful at times and we had no family nearby to help. But I think it did teach my kids that when things get tough, you don’t sit back and wait for somebody to save you. You get to work and help yourself, and pray! God gives you the strength to do anything when you are doing it for your family. Hang in there! I work in a doctor’s office and have for years. It is very busy, phones ringing constantly, unhappy patients, etc. etc. Say a prayer before your work day begins. Pray for a calm, peaceful spirit to deal with all you have ahead of you. God bless you!


I will certainly pray for you!

I have 3 little ones, work full time, and am also taking classes online. I know how stressful it can get, especially since sometimes it feels like sleep is just a distant memory!

If you ever need to talk about it to someone who knows where you’re coming from, you know where to find me.


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