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Please pray for me. I am currently in outside sales and franly pretty burned out. I get really tired of meeting new people and in the back of my mind wondering how they can benefit me. I hate that! It’s so not who I truly am. I have been content in my current job in tv advertising sales, however I was approached by a recruiter last week. I met with them about a position that sounds wonderful for my life, my family, etc. I really want it. It would give me the focus to be involved in my son’s school’s PTO group, my Parish committee I am on, etc.

I am really worried that if the company doesn’t call me for an interview (the recruiter recommended that they should) I will become discontent with my current job. I wasn’t until the new possiblity was placed before me. I am frustrated because now I wish I never heard about it.

Anyway, please pray that God’s will is done, and that I am peaceful no matter the outcome.


May peace comfort you soon. May all work out for you as planned. Perhaps this opportunity is meant to show you of many other possibilities also. Don’t get discouraged if this one doesn’t work out. There me be better ones out there. Good luck and God Bless.


Praying for you JudiTherese.:gopray2:


I am praying for you! Try to rest in Him, He has a plan. Perhaps He is preparing your heart for a new change, :slight_smile:


:gopray2: :gopray2: I am praying for you. Don’t get yourself in a tizzy. Trust in God and give him your situation, and then don’t worry. I do this when I get myself in a tizzy about something. I always think of the words of Padre Pio, Pray, Hope and don’t worry.I hope this helps you.






I’m praying for you. :gopray:


Prayers to St Joseph, patron of workers.


We almost have the same concerns; I will pray for you, that you might find what you’re looking for.


I will pray for you.




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