New Job

Hi everyone,

I start a new job tomorrow, please pray for my success, confidence, and perseverance.

In Jesus, through Mary

Oh, Lord, you know how hard it can be to start a new job. I ask that you give this, Your child, the peace and confidence to do the best that they can in this new job. In Jesus Name we pray.

Thank You, Lord, for Your strength and guidance in work. You are the fulfillment of all good things. Fill also HailMary’s soul with joy and gladness, that You may praised always. Amen.

Congratulations on the new job, HM. Keeping your hopes for success , confidence and perseverance in prayer.

Congratulations on your new job. I’ll pray for your success and confidence. :gopray:

First day went well. Thank you St. Joseph and all my friends for praying for me!


Yeah! Happy for you!:extrahappy:

I am looking for a job, may have an interview in a day or two, I understand the nerves! Glad things went well for you today!

God Bless!

Praying for you!

Congratulations on your new job and you have my prayers. I know how that feels. I’m sure you will be wonderful :gopray:

Prayers for you! I hope you walked in there with confidence and had a great day!

You are in my prayers.

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