New K of C-Marist Poll Finds Americans Strongly Support Abortion Restrictions


NEW HAVEN, Conn., July 25, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ – Americans remain strongly supportive of abortion restrictions, despite this summer’s Supreme Court decision overturning a Texas law that mandated that doctors have admitting privileges at a local hospital and that abortion clinics be held to the same standards as other outpatient surgery centers.

Strong majorities also oppose taxpayer funding of abortion, support the right of conscientious objectors to opt out of abortions, and would generally limit it – at most – to the first trimester. In most cases, a majority, or substantial minority of those who call themselves pro-choice agree.

“The Americans people have spoken clearly on their desire for abortion restrictions, less taxpayer funding of it, and common sense regulations on this industry to protect women’s health,” said Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson. “Our courts, politicians, candidates and parties should heed this consensus.”


Not really news. The majority of Americans have never supported unfettered abortion access. Conversely they’ve never supported a wholesale ban on the practice too. Most are somewhere in the middle.


I am glad that Americans are willing to oppose unlimited abortion. This shows hope that abortion may be illegal again someday.


Not as long as we have activist judges.


Yes but passivist judges will probably maintain the evil status quo.


While this poll, like various polls, has found a majority percentage against taxpayer funding of abortion, Democrats now have approved a platform that calls for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment:


Well it’s continuing the trend of the Democratic party being for unfettered access in opposition to the Republicans wanting to ban all abortion outright. Both parties take the opposite extreme view on the matter that most Americans do not agree with.

But fact is most Americans don’t consider the abortion issue an important issue one way or the other. And only 1% of Americans consider it the biggest issue in any election. That’s why the parties continue to both take extreme views on it. Because ultimately most voters don’t really care.


According to Gallup from last year:

“21% will only vote for candidate with same abortion views”

“(46%) say that abortion is one of many important factors they will take into account.”

So where a candidate stands on abortion appears to be of importance to many people, though those that view it as a top priority, is a minority position.


Just to back what I posted earlier. Only 1% of voters consider abortion THE most important issue.

And among voters of the two major parties this go around, of the major issues, abortion is the least important issue to Democrats and the second least important to Republicans (with only global warming being less important to republicans).

For all it’s bluster, abortion is not on the mind of the majority of the American electorate. Or if it is, it’s not an overriding concern. And that’s across party lines. Also fact is both parties views on abortion as in their platforms, are not the views of average Americans.


Abortion in US elections still plays a significant role, wouldn’t you agree?

According to Gallup link I posted, abortion is viewed as an important issue that people factor alongside other issues and accounted for, to nearly half. That’s significant.


Why doesn’t the government align itself with the will of the people themselves? If it’s a reasonable majority, then the government should listen. That’s exactly how the Founding Fathers of the United States would’ve wanted it (though abortion, nor homosexual marriage, were issues in their day – they would’ve been disgusted, surely).

The government in the United States is supposed to be for the people, not the people for the government (though the latter is good, too). That’s the “American liberty” experience, or so it is supposed to be.

I guess liberals are not yet done with their elitist era.


Is it still considered a big issue they consider, yes. But among those “big issues” it’s clearly the least important big issue to most voters on both sides of the aisle. I would not rate it as a significant issue compared to the other “big issues” voters consider.


To be fair, the will of the people doesn’t line up with conservatives either. The vast majority don’t want abortion wholesale banned as conservatives want either.


The status quo of abortion being legal into the second trimester, which Roe v Wade allows, is not what most people support. This poll is a little old, but it’s interesting because it asked about specific abortion restrictions and divided the response between pro-life and pro-choice. Most pro-choice and pro-life support a ban on abortion in the second trimester. I don’t see how with Roe v Wade how that could happen? Roe v Wade needs to be overturned to allow for a restriction such as the ban on second trimester abortion to be implemented without it coming up against Roe v Wade?


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