New Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick details parties where she says girls were drugged and raped



You don’t think this might have been discovered earlier during the 6 FBI vettings of Kavanaugh?

Why do we have a picture of this woman
like she is on the cover of People magazine?

Michael Avenatti is sleazy.


Until she produces some evidence and is willing to testify under oath, I really don’t care what she says.


Her statement is sworn. If she’s lying she has both perjured herself and likely ended her career.

She’s not lying.


She’s also lifetime government with a lot of security clearances.

It also looks like she went to Ocean City on vacation after the rape she accuses others of with those same people. That would be a strange thing to do.

“Train Rape”, and one doesn’t report that?


People supposedly there have denied her claims.


During the years of 1981 and 1982 she said she learned of efforts by Kavanaugh, his friend Judge and others "to spike the drinks of girls at house parties I attended with grain alcohol and/or drugs so as to cause girls to lose inhibitions and their ability to say ‘No.’ "

She “learned of efforts” which in all likely hood means it is hearsay. She did not see any drinks being spiked, someone told her if any of this is remotely true to begin with.



Ten characters.


Mark Judge is one of them.


so we have gone from a pubic hair on my
Coke can to “rape trains”?

the democrats prove once again how low they will sink to get what they want.
scum comes to mind.


I have to say, I thought the same thing too. If all the awful things she alleges about these parties are true, why did she keep attending them?


What is her career?


I’m thinking this is jumping the shark.


The alleged accomplice who wrote a memoir detailing his teenage alcoholism? I’ll wait for better character witnesses.


“Affidavit”, does not read “notarized”, I’m not hearing this follows that.


Actually she’s changed her story.Now she claims Brett Kavanaugh was at the arty but had no part in the alleged gang rape.Good Lord this is just evil what the left is doing to Judge Kavanaugh
How do they sleep at night? Sociopathic behavior


From my experience, there was no secret about putting Everclear in the punch. It was cheap and tasted far better in the mix than more expensive alcohols. The party goal was to get drunk and have fun. This was standard teen partying and really doesn’t require proof.

But implying Kavanaugh used these parties to assault women is a claim of a different order, and does require proof. Me and my friends never took it to this conclusion.


They said that when Avenatti was on CNBC, he could not directly answer question if Kavanaugh was involved in rape.


Got a link?


Just heard it on the news

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