Expecting police to follow the constitution is not disrespect for authority. Police need to remember that they are there to serve the public, the public is not there to serve them. The quicker they learn that, the better off everyone will be.

Most of the people who have been killed recently were not exercising their constitutional rights. They were directly disobeying lawful orders of police officers and escalated situations to the level where deadly violence was needed. Mike Brown punched and fought a cop, then charged at him. Keith Scott was waiving a gun around. Terrence Crutcher was not stopping, lowered his hands, and moved towards his car. Sylville Smith was brandishing a gun and turned towards the police officer with it in his hand.

You are being intellectually dishonest in portraying the recent deaths as compliant citizens exercising their Constitutional rights.

This lack of respect for authority figures, especially government authority figure, has been an issue for a long time. Isn’t there a popular quote about the nine most terrifying words in the English language from the 80’s? Wasn’t the 60’s about not trusting the man?

Yes, the people who keep saying that the government is evil and trying to take away your rights may think they are talking about the Federal government, but what many people hear is ‘government’ without a qualifying adjective.

So personally, I am not surprised that people don’t trust government employees, no matter what the level of government is involved. It is what Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1966) have been preaching for years.

The windscreen discs ARE proof of insurance and registration. So the police can see at a glance, Not displaying them is an offence whether you produce your documents or not, I have never been asked for the full documents even after an RTA . The police get all the information the windscreen discs which we get when we tax and insure, They are full proof f of insurance and tax/registration.

So anyone here reaching into the glove compartment would be very suspect,

There is a difference between wanting to shrink government, and having no confidence in government employees, verses behaving in acceptable manners with police who must keep order. If someone has read enough of my posts on here, they would know that I DON’T have confidence in government employees either. If you have a problem with a police officer, turn on your video recorder on your phone, obey lawful commands, and ask questions if you have concerns. But don’t disobey direct commands meant to keep people safe.

Issues and complaints can be settled in a court of law. It can’t be settled during a traffic stop.

I actually said nothing about recent deaths. You are being intellectually dishonest by suggesting that I have.

But do you talk about government employees with respect and proper manners? Or do you rail about how incompetent they are in general, why are police in particular worrying about issuing parking tickets instead of working on bigger issues, you can’t trust city hall, etc.

Sometimes it is hard for others to pick up on the nuances of what they hear and/or read when the caveat - except police, except firefighters, except take your pick, has not been included in the last 50+ years of trying to shrink government and demonize government employees.

I agree with you on the idea that grievances should be settle in court. Unfortunately, there is a lot of animosity towards law enforcement and that needs to be properly addressed. Yes, a citizen should take a precautionary position and not be confrontational. However, when law enforcement encounters the confrontational individual, pumping them with lead has always appeared to be excessive and has resulted in devastation to the local community.

Research needs to be done into reevaluating the tactics from an officers perspective. Cameras are at every corner and with each individual and they are not displaying images that are favorable to the law enforcement officer. Telling people to just smile next your being pulled over is just aphorism and will do nothing to resolve our current issues.

Sounds like we are heading for a police state where you are always being watch. Not the country I thought America was supposed to be.

The entire thread is based on the recent deaths that have happened in the US. It’s intellectually dishonest to pretend that isn’t the underlying issue.

Railing about the incompetence of government workers has nothing to do with challenging the safety and authority of police officers. Pretending complaints about govt waste, idiocy and inefficiency have anything to do with the spate of recent conflicts and deaths is disingenuous.

Not in the Orwellian sense, but we are already being watched.

Partially, I think it is a good thing. Events, like the encounters with law enforcement, should be watched and monitored by public citizens. You & I have heard for a very long time that these encounters have been taking place for a very long time. Thanks to the ease of recording and broadcasting such events, they are now being brought to national attention.

I am just saying that law enforcement needs to learn how to handle encounters in a media rich world. Watching many of these encounters, it is difficult to come to their defense. Again, the ramifications are tragic and costly.

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