New Liturgy Forum

I’m starting up a liturgy specific forum: Liturgy Wars.
The shell of the site is up, I hope to start adding content covering the whole of the Roman Rite, its development, and looming issues.

Meaning no disrespect, but aren’t there already too many “liturgy wars” taking place here? Why do we need another battlefield? At least, could there be a better title than “Wars?”

thats good, you know what that means dont you, that means you need to make a guy named VetA a Mod :stuck_out_tongue:

Meaning no disrespect also (and I know I might get sanctioned by the forum moderators), but is it really necessary to keep people in turmoil? At what point are you materially participating by causing others to sin by causing wrath or despair? Honestly, that is what labeling a forum “liturgy wars” borders on doing.

Secondly, the first place I ever saw the phrase “Liturgy Wars” was in National Catholic Reporter, not exactly the most orthodox of publications. Do you really want to use their language and outlook.

The purpose of L&S is not debate, if you want my explanation you’ll have to go to the site.

VetA, I’ll keep that in mind…:wink:


I’ll still be around here for threads like these On the text for hymns / On the style of hymns:thumbsup:

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