New LOTH - when?

As far as I can discern, regardless of print date, the content of the Liturgy of the Hours, as published by Catholic Book Publishing, is 1975 - hence doesn’t include later changes to the liturgy in the text (though loose inserts are included when you buy the volumes).

Does anyone know when or if an updated version will be published? (Question refers to the full, 4 volume set, not Christian Prayer.)


I do not believe that the Liturgy of the Hours has changed at all.

The inserts you speak of are included in the books but are added as inserts to make it easier so that you do not have to turn the pages as much.

The Calendar has changed and there is a supplement that you can get that has the new Saints and Blesseds but there has been no other changes.

At the last FDLC meeting they noted what is on the agenda for ICEL (the new head of ICEL was there). While they do want to revise the LOTH, it is not on the agenda for the near future as there are other things that take precedence. So nothing will probably be done for awhile.

Perhaps I’m misinterpreting the meaning of this, but from (online LOTH):

The revisions of 1985

After the major reforms of 1970, some additional revisions were made to the Liturgy of the Hours in 1985. Many English editions of the Liturgy do not yet include these revisions, because it would be so expensive to reprint the books; but the second Latin edition does. The following are the main changes, as summarised in the decree of the Congregation for Divine Worship dated 7 April 1985:

  1. The New Vulgate translation of the Bible, formally adopted in 1979, replaces the previous translation of the biblical texts in the long and short readings of the Liturgy.
  2. Certain texts in the old translation are omitted from the new one, or have a different meaning in the new translation. These have been replaced as necessary.
  3. The psalm texts have similarly been revised according to the New Vulgate.
  4. The responsories in the Office of Readings have been revised according to the New Vulgate, except where strong reasons exist for leaving them unchanged (long tradition, established music, liturgical significance).
  5. Many new antiphons for the Benedictus and Magnificat have been added for Sundays and feast days, taken from the appropriate Gospels.
  6. The psalms are numbered according to both the Greek (Septuagint) and Hebrew numbering.

Comments? is based in the United Kingdom which has a different issue of the LOTH than that found in America.

The Church in America does not use the New Vulgate as its standard for the Scriptures, it uses the NAB (New American Bible).

Universalis was cited as an example of an attempt to produce a Divine Office closely in sync with the Latin edition of 2000, not that they produce an official version in English (for the UK or anywhere else). I understand that the ICEL version is the officially-approved US version. (Only portions of the LOTH rely on the NAB, by the way - the psalter is basically the Grail psalter.)

The question is when and whether the US LOTH will be brought up to date so as to agree (or perhaps agree more closely would be a better description) with the second typical edition.

I don’t look for changes to the Liturgy of the Hours text. I am not a big fan of the NAB or Grail Psalms, but I make do with what is there. If something is questionable I consult the Douay-Rheims and Latin Vulgate. If it were changed a little, I would use the Douay-Rheims text instead of the NAB. Despite the age of the Douay, I find the Douay accurate and a joy to read.

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