New Mass Settings from MusicaSacra

But Protestant churches do not have the Eucharist… Why would any Catholic choose a snappy song over the very Body of Christ??

One thing that Cat has mentioned in other posts is that she has difficulty in learning music by ear or by melody\memory association.

She reads music as that is the only way for her.

But you are correct, the vast majority of people learn music by ear.

I could not tell even point out the music we use for common Mass settings in our parish, but I could sing them, because I have heard them on most every Sunday.

Lack of a strong faith. Lack of belief in the True Presence of the Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Discouragement over lukewarmness or politics or whatever in their Catholic parish. Loneliness in the parish. Disgust because of belief in the media misrepresentation of the priest/sex scandal. Enthusiastic friends in a Protestant church who invite them to church and who know their Bible backwards and forwards and are able to convince the poorly-catechized Catholic that Catholicism is a cult and that their church, with the beautiful music, is the true Christian church.

I said nothing about a “snappy” song.

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