New Mass Translation

Does anyone know where there is a website that list all the new Mass translations that we will be doing come advent. Thanks

Here is the link:

This link will take you to the actual PDF version of the Ordinary of the Mass:

I hope this helps.

See the USCCB’s website – click on “The Order of Mass” below the picture of the book for a pdf. This doesn’t have everything (the collects, prayers over the people, etc), just the standard order of Mass. Also, it hasn’t yet been approved to start at a specific time, and it may well be Advent 2011.

I am only aware of the following translation of the Order of Mass:

You can also view some of the new Celebrant Propers here:

Hope this helps!

Advent 2011 is indeed looking like the likely target date. The Vatican wants to give parishes a year to catechize parishoners about the new changes, and the printing companies are going to need that long to get new missals and books ready.

I have written a book that not only provides the prayers (for the people) of the Mass, but explains where they come from in Scripture, what they mean, and why they’ve changed (if they have). You might find it a helpful resource.

And we can get this book where?

Perhaps by clicking the link in Japhy’s signature?

To keep things concise and fast, I hide as much as possible (pictures, signatures, etc.) Sorry about that.

lol… no problem. I’ve done that myself…

It’s all about MONEY, isn’t it??? Write a new book, publish a new missal, sell now booklets? I’ve been trolling the Net for a simple FREE PDF to the new translation of the mass and all I can find are people like Japhy who want to sell me something. Has the Catholic Church and the Faith become so commercial that one cannot connect with it until one pays for it? Jesus Christ did not come into this world to make money. He did not raise a single cent from his teachings. Just what the f**k are you people doing in His name??? If I have to pay for the new translation of the Mass, you know what you can do with it!

Excuse me. People posted the resources above. The free PDF.

Has the Catholic Church and the Faith become so commercial that one cannot connect with it until one pays for it?
No one is charging you to get into Mass, or to hear your confession.

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