new member asking for your acceptance



i am a new member in your respectful forum, and i seek your acceptance here, if not as muslim, at least in terms of brotherhood in humanity …

the reason i’ve registered is to introduce my beliefs as a shi’ite muslim and may be - if i can - answer some of the doubts or questions.

my respcts and regards,

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i wish if the moderators can correct my name to include the “k” at the end



I look forward to hearing about your faith. First–what is the difference between your faith and the Sunis(sp?)? I dont understand why they are killing each other in Iraq:(



I look forward to hearning your ideas!
I hope you have a pleasant stay and thanks for your presence.
Pax tecum.


As salaamu alaikum wa ramatulahi wa baracatu



Ack! interesting as I’ll be studying about Islam soon.
Hope you can help me. :slight_smile:


And Klaatu barada nikto to you, too.

I hope you and exclamation mark can answer the question posed above in post #2: What is the essential difference between Shi’ite and Suni Islam, abd why are they killing each other all over the world?



Sure you’re welcome to our free fire zone. Be ready to hear things and get questions that would get us killed in Iran. Free speech is wonderful.


hi again everybody,

and wa allaikum al salam , wa rahmatu allah , wa barakatuh mr sufi,

i hope i can answer you clearly, and i’ll try to be as unbiased as possible. first i’ll start from what is the common ground muslims beliebe. It is important that muslims might agree on a belief in general, but differ - some times alot - in itsdetails

they agree on :

there is only god who is Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger and prophet, they believe in all the messengers of Allah before Mohammed and believe in their Holy books i.e the Bible and Torah.

They believe in the Quran as the holy book brought by Gabriel to Mohammed

They belive in the day of Judgement and Allah’ angels.

They agree on 5 prayers, eventhough they differentiate in timing (slight difference)

They all pray towards one direction i.e to the Ka’aba in Mecca

They agree on Zakat, Hajj, Jehad ( they differentiate whether Jehad should be Defensive only in this time or not ) ?

They believe in the Quran and Sunnah as sources for the beliefs, eventhough they differ in the sources of getting the sunnah i.e sahih muslim or bukhari ?

shiites have other books mainly four and the most important is called : Al Kafi

It is important to notify that word sahih as in ( sahih al bukhari ) means that it is right, and so sunnis have the belief that these books are 100% correct and they are the most sacred books after the Quran.

On the Contrary, shiites do not have books that are 100% correct as each hadith is studied carefully from its narrators and the body of the hadith.

eventhough al -kafi is one the famous shiite books, but shiites do not believe that it is 100% correct or 100% true like sahih al bukhari or muslim. Shiites do not have sahih’s, and they do not aknowledge or recognize alot what is present in sahih al bukhari or muslim …

to be continued …


Welcome! I do respect your religion and desire to be charitable to you. Hopefully, I will be able to learn more about your faith, since I don’t really know that much about it; and I certainly do not believe that I can learn what you believe from stories in the media that are biased.

I’m confused about the situation in Iraq myself. I really don’t understand why Sunnis and Shiites hate each other so much.


exclamation mark … welcome to the forums.

Some (not all) here have incredibly strong views regarding Islam, and that’s putting it nicely. You may need a rather thick skin.


Shiite muslims differ from the sunnis in their belief of ( usul-el-din )

the agree on three

  1. allah’s monotheism - that he is the one and only god to be worshipped, in arabic called ( attawhid ), and no one is like him

  2. Prophecy (nubuwa ) - that allah has sent messengers to guide people to the righteuos path

  3. i dont know a term for the third, but the belief the everybody is brought to life again for judgement day

those three, are common between sunnis and shiites, and every one who believes in them is considered a muslim

but what shiites differ from sunnis is that they believe in other rwo they consider as ( usul-el-din)

  1. al imamah, which actually means leader ship, and we’ll speak about this in detail later and separately

  2. Justice, that good is just and righteuos, in arabic called ( al a’adl), it si not that sunni muslims do not believe in that good is just, but this has a significance to the shiites that they made a “separate section” for it.

this is what i can say right now, i need some energy to right for more especially about " al imamah"


dear lak61 and lily,

thanx for passing by,

about whats happening in iraq between the sunnis and shiites, you might be surprised if i say that this hatred is actually between shiites and a part or group of extreme sunnis, that have their own beliefs, even from other sunnis !

have you heard of the term " salafis" or " wahabis" before ?

dear lily ,

i will put my effort, thanx for the advice…


No, I have not. Please inform me!




In general,
it is a sunni sect which consider Ibn Taymiyah as their founding Father, they have an extreme and aggressive look against who does not carry their beliefs, to sufis, ash’arries and especially to Shiites, and some might consider these sects as infidels and faithless !

They find Jehad as a necessity and a must, and thats why we find them in Afghanistan, Chechneya and Iraq, taking into consideration their perception of the american presence in the middle east and iraq as oppression and invasion, so they must be fought, killed and slaghtered.

But why the Shiites ?
First as we have mentioned, to those in Al Qaeda and its followers and admirers, Shiites are being looked as though thery are:

  1. Infidels - Not muslims
  2. American Agents - because they accepted the american presence and co operate with them
  3. Since the leaders of the Iraqi Government , the dominating iraqi party and the prime minister noori al maliki are shiite, and shiite are in power, salafi’s think that shiites pose a threat to sunnis in iraq.

It is important to mention that those groups - the wahabis and salafis - before the mid ninties were actually “nurtured” and “strengthened” by the saudi and the US governments to fight communism !

The Saudi Government played an important role in the seventies and eighties in supporting and backing up those groups with their ideologies in afganistan and in different countries. So it is quitley correct of we say that these extermist groups are a mkae of saudi and US.

These groups are being disapproved and rejected by most muslims today and disagree with their acts ! Even some wahabis today cooled down a bit and backed off some of its beliefs as it is being rejected by many but still are considered extreme


exclaim, both shiites and sunnis persecute Christians. Iran’s human rights record is simply appalling. To us it doesn’t matter who is cutting off the head, sunni or shiite, you are Muslim. They key here is to STOP cutting off heads. Frankly, I blame ALL of you.


Whoa, let’s not clobber exclamation mark. give him a chance. this is an opportunity for us to learn from the muslim perspective, which is not a common opportunity. There are lots of issues we all feel strongly about, but don’t clobber this poor guy who is here on what so far is a mission of peace. Please don’t try to antagonize him into arguing or leaving.

Exclamation Mark, I personally appreciate your efforts, even if I don’t agree your beliefs, or with muslim culture. I do think Cestus’ points are important, but please don’t let that make you less willing to dialogue with us.



Welcome to the forum! I second the clarification about shi’ites and sunni Muslims. A basic rundown of the basic differences between each group would be very much appreciated.


Welcome to the forums! I hope that you enjoy your stay here and find your time spent here very constructive. Peace be with you!


Thank you for the distinction. I understand much better now. Has anyone else noticed that in the three major religions Jews, Christians and Muslims, they all have divisions:eek: I just found that extremely interesting. No point really to my statement.:whacky:

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