New Member with a question


I’m not entirely sure if I have posted to the correct area, but here is my question:

I am wondering the significance between wearing a black mantilla, and/or a white mantilla. Is there significance between the two colors? Are mantillas ever in other colors besides white or black?

A little background… I was confirmed Easter 2008. We (my husband, mother in law and I) attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. This week I have started attending daily Mass in the mornings. I am also a scheduled adorer for perpetual adoration. I am not asking if I “should” wear a head covering, but only if there is a significance in colors.

If someone would let me know, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks!


They come in many different colors, but black and white are most common.

I think the color you wear is simply a matte of personal preference. (Black might be more usual than white at a funeral.)


Thank you for the reply! I am loving my new faith, and I am trying to follow the examples in the Bible. I am walking the path to God and His love is overwelming!



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