New Mexico man shot in back by officer in stable condition, authorities say


A spokesman for the Albuquerque, New Mexico police department said today that a man shot in the back by a police officer investigating a robbery is in stable condition.

Police say the officer’s gun accidentally discharged as he was climbing through a window.

This shooting comes less than a year after a Justice Department investigation which found the department had a pattern of using excessive and deadly force.


Not to rush to judgment, but as a firearms instructor and former police officer, I believe that a handgun can only discharge if the safety is off and something pulled the trigger. Can’t wait to see this investigation!


Same here, but it could hardly be deliberate, if the man was shot through the floor. Still, I have no problem firing a cop that is careless with his gun.


A friend once worked as a chem lab instructor. His pet peeve was students that brought him broken glassware with the excuse “It broke”. He noted that things don’t break; someone broke them.


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