New Mexico mother accused of murdering child

Story here:

What really struck me here is here statement that she thought it would be better for the boy to die than to grow up without anyone loving him (just like her, in her mind).

Is this just one sick woman or is this the logical outcome of a culture that has normalized abortion and is well on the way to normalizing euthanasia?

Only time will tell.

Yes, I think it is part of why this mother was able to do this. A part of me just can not fathom a mom who is mentally sound doing this though so I pray for her as I pray for the soul of Ty - we finally have a name for him!

I just want you to know that I rarely hang around just to hear a news story but yesterday when the story broke and the news sources were saying that the police dept. was going to have a press release I stayed home to hear it. Those of us here locally are stunned, almost speechless!

The fact that it took less than a week to put the pieces together is a testament to the police department and all who worked with them.

Brenda V.

What a very sad story.

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