New Mexico teens can now legally sext each other and exchange nude photos


New Mexico teens can now legally sext each other and exchange nude photos

New Mexico teenagers can now exchange nude photos without fear of criminal prosecution under a new bill that legalizes sexting and could have national implications for laws on child abuse images.

Governor Susana Martinez, a Republican, signed into law a proposal that allows people aged 14 to 18 to engage in consensual sexting, which means adolescents caught sharing explicit photos with each other will no longer risk facing “child pornography” charges, prison sentences and a damaging criminal record.

Wow. Guess where those images will end up? But no,not really. Federal law supercedes state law. 18 U.S.C. § 2256 : US Code - Section 2256. So you can still be prosecuted under Federal law or if you cross state lines.

The moral decline of society.

Gov was a rising star in the GOP and was on the short list for vice president:eek:


This has its pros and cons. It is good no more young people will be getting branded as serious sex offenders who have to register their address for the rest of their life, especially due to something so minor.

But on the other hand, this is going to be a good thing for the child sex industry, probably see a huge rise in the number of sudden ‘18 year old’ sexters!


What is “so minor” about this? A child who is sexting is a child who is at extreme risk for sexual promiscuity down the road, often leading to the destruction of their happiness and well-being.


It sounds like the law is a reaction to prosecutorial abuse of the child pornography statute.


I’m not sure if I actually dislike this or not. I certainly don’t like the rise in sexting, but stupid teenagers are not intentionally creating child porn in the same way that adults are. That being said, sexting in general should still come with strict societal disapproval for its damaging and very harmful potential. I feel sorry for modern parents. They have to do so much now to watch their kids that past parents might not have even dreamed of having to do… and oftentimes without a stable family structure to support them. :frowning:


I agree…


That is right.

For every action, there needs to be an equal and opposite reaction, and the sooner the better, to avoid wild undulations of that pendulum.

What reckless teenagers are sending to each other has nothing to do with the exploitative evil that is the child pornography community. It is simply not the same thing.


Maybe she still is.

Do we really to charge 14-18 yo with child porn, and thus forcing them to register as sex offenders because of dumb mistakes?

I don’t agree with the morality of this by any means, but I am tired of people being over-tried by crimes just to satisfy someone, namely the angry father of a daughter who did this.

This is NOT the same thing as some creepy old guy taping kindergartners in his basement.

Personally, I think some folks have an unhealthy obsession with calling people pedophiles. Pretty soon, being called one will be about the same as being called a Nazi or a racist.

And let’s not throw Gov. Martinez under the bus over this because we’ve got more important issues at stake in our country than this.



If anything, saying that a 14 yo is capable of “adult” child porn makes one wonder if they can consent in the same manner as adults, why is the age of consent 16-18?


Does a 14 yr old understand the consequences of such action? I think not. The ‘old’ adage It’s so common nowadays no one sees it as a bad thing any more. Isn’t this the argument used for homosexuality and gay marriage?

All those images will end up on the internet. Teenage suicides will increase. Predatory activity will increase and create a loophole for child exploitationi. What about images ofteens sex acts or videos of two consenting 14yr old posting videos or images of themselves online. Is that ok? Next step?


It’s not child pornography, so there is no justification in charging Children with that offense.
Not every moral wrong must/should be codified in law as a felony.


That’s a very good law.

Branding teenagers who sext each other sex offenders as it happens in US is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t even have words to comment on this anti-natural anti-human nonsense.

And TV is no better. Violence is OK. Sexuality , especially female’s one is not.God forbid a teenager sees a woman’s breasts! But brains on the floor is OK. That’s American motto. And guess what…compared to other countries that have a healthy attitude towards human sexuality and teenagers sexuality and development and don’t persecute interactions between sexually fully developed homo sapiens species our society is plagued with sex maniacs, rapists and killers…maybe we are doing something wrong huh?

PS And it’s getting real old seeing young people branded pedophiles for nothing whereas actual pedophiles stay unpunished. . I guess someone should look the definition of the word in the dictionary…


Whether that is true or not, there’s no real reason they have to branded a “sex offender” and be put on a list with actual pedophiles and other sexual deviants for the rest of their life. :shrug:


I know nothing about the issue, but I’m wondering if a different solution wouldn’t be rather to still say it’s a crime, but simply lessen the charge so the sex-offender label doesn’t follow them for life, or some other penalty. Is there a reason that isn’t feasible?

On the other hand, it seems odd that our culture would still call sexting a crime, but endlessly inculcate sex-ed and not abstinence. A bit schizoid.


While they, those children “sexting” with other children, never should have been branded sex offenders in the first place this is going to open up a horrible can of worms. There must have been a better way to handle this situation.

More than ever parents and other teachers and stewards of children must act as a positive moral model for them. They need us more than ever. If the law will drain them we have to guard and sustain them through example and words.


This is a bad law. It does legalize one form of child pornography, probably not for the last time. New Mexico could have protected children from both exploitation and a permanent scar simply be changing the punishment for the offense. Legalization was too far.

The best lesson here is that children who are 14 are not responsible enough, nor do they need, a phone from which they can sext to begin with. I for one am not doing.


Correct me if I’m wrong. But isn’t the law throughout most of the country, if a 18 year old has sex with someone younger than him/her is considered a crime?

Why then are 18 years old allow in to be in this age group?


They may not be think as adults but the moment you start sexting your putting yourself in danger. I do believe these young adults need to be held responsible for something. Trust me this will Lead to more teenage pregnancy.

Yes we can argue that it’s the parents fault, but some of these kids do things that their parents never taught them. I don’t think it’s the parents 100% put blame on the kids. They will never learn if we make them to be innocent of all things.


I assume they figure 14 is about the age kids start engaging in sex, back in the late 80s when I was around this age, many of my fellow classmates were beginning to have their first sexual experiences around 13-14 yrs old…Im not saying its a good thing, but it happens.


18 is when a person is a legal adult, but regarding age of consent for sex, it varies from state to state, here in KY where I live, I believe its 15 or 16.

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