New Michael Brown shooting witnesses describe scene


This may change things----they say Brown’s hands were up.

So to speak.

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I tend to avoid discussing these kinds of cases since I wasn’t there and information is too fluid.


This case needs a gag order, before it becomes an even bigger, more complicated mess. :cool:


I don’t believe any of this media hype. This man decided to fight a cop and tried to grab his gun.


I hope justice can be done with conflicting eye witness accounts… Many do say he was fighting the police officer and grabbing for his gun yelling " What you gonna do shoot me?"
Others seem to implicate he was surrendering.


This was said over and over and over again the day that it actually happened, and then even by day two it had somehow dropped off the radar. Initially, it was also claimed that a very large number of people saw this.


Let justice prevail. CNN has already been shown to not be reputable in covering this story and this comes out 5 weeks or so after the initial shooting. If it is not a real account, it will once again damage the case for Michael Brown.


As we saw in the Martin shooting CNN has a tendency to distort the news they report.


There was a video on 4chan. In it you could hear the camera man and another person talking , saying things like. "They shot N****** “etc But there was one conversation going on in the back ground between two men. One asked the other what happened” The other man’s reply, back up what Officer Wilson said happened.


On 4chan???


I’m assuming it’s in connection to the vigilante group Anonymous.


Mark Garagos on CNN a few minutes ago said the fact that the new witnesses are whit and not from the “community” is a “game-changer” in the case.
Sonny what’s-her-name agrees.
Makes the testimony more “personable” to the mostly white jury.

Take of that what you will.



They are hoping its a game changer for their ratings. I suspect they soon find a way to connect it to Malaysia Flight 370…


So the video was taken by cops who were onlookers? Or did it seem like it was just taken by someone within earshot of police onlookers? I don’t suppose you managed to download this from 4chan and save it? Those guys come up with the wildest, most impossibly obscure stuff. The problem with 4chan is you really have to double, triple, quadruple check that it wasn’t hoaxed. It certainly sounds real, though:shrug:


The more I hear about this incident, the more it looks like the cop was at fault, I mean, how hard is it to mistake someone having their hands up (giving up) compared to going after the cop? lol

Plus, I believe this whole thing was a result of Brown shoplifting a $1. pack of cigars?!! cmon, that is ridiculous, why would police even be called for something so minor? Im a corporate rep for a large gas station/convenience store chain around here and we dont even kick shoplifters out of the store…and definitely cannot call police on them, thats actually against company policy, my company is more concerned with the thief calling the hotline number and complaining!!!

Plus, I saw the study they did on the overall cost of shoplifting chain wide, they found it is not hurting the bottom line that much, so they changed the policy, so no employee can call police on shoplifters, they basically cant do anything. I think the employees should be able to ask them to leave the store, but do agree about not involving police…its shoplifting after all, more important things for police to do imo.


Barring temporary insanity, I can’t imagine why a trained police officer would gun down in cold blood a person especially with witnesses all around. And don’t say racism, no police officer has that much bottled up rage against non-whites to risk ruining the rest of their lives and just murder an innocent person.


I have not made any decisions about the shooting yet, but I totally disagree about your assessment of the robbery incident.

A) It appears to have been a strong-arm robbery, not simple shoplifting, due to the added element of the assault and battery.

B) OSHA law specifically prohibits employers from retaliating against employees for reporting workplace violence like this.


Another Dr. Ben fan! High-five. :slight_smile:


We have witnesses saying his hands were up, we have witnesses saying that he was charging the cop, we have witnesses saying that he was running away… A couple more weeks and I’m sure we’ll have witnesses claiming that Officer Wilson was wearing KKK robes and gave a Heil Hitler salute after shooting him. From where I sit, the evidence is pointing more and more to Officer Wilson telling the truth as best as he can remember.

It wasn’t a $1 pack of cigars, it was a $50 box. Followed by this “gentle giant” shoving the owner into a display one-handed. Are the employees of your chain allowed to call the police if a high-value item is stolen? How about if they are assaulted?

It’s also unclear whether Officer Wilson even knew about the robbery when he first encountered Mr. Brown and his friend. The important part is that Mr. Brown and his friend knew, and how that informed their reaction to encountering Officer Wilson.

Also, regarding the “unarmed teen” meme: Mr. Brown was the size of an NFL offensive lineman, and played that position on his high school team. Such a man is never “unarmed”.


No. The video was from two by standers, only shortly after the incident. The two guys talking in the back ground weren’t police. While i didn’t save it. I do believe it is also on liveleak

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