New Missal - Text for Lenten Gospel Acclamation?

I’m looking ahead to Lent, and with the changes to the missal, I figured we would have a set text for the Gospel Acclamation during Lent. So far, I can’t find much of anything. It also doesn’t help that NONE of the Canadian composers who wrote the approved settings wrote any sort of Gospel Acclamation at all.

Does anyone have any guidelines? What are people planning on using?


The Lenten acclamation has not changed. It’s given in the Lectionary, not the Missal, and the Lectionary has not been updated. So you should be able to use whatever you used in the past.

Oh thank God. I was wondering about that given that, like you said, it’s a text from the Lectionary, but I’ve learned to double and triple check things these days.

Merci! Back to planning.

My first time…not sure how to do this…Question: During Lent, when reciting (not singing) the gospel acclamation: it it proper to recite the versicle without any acclamation before and after it?

Generally we omit this if we don’t sing it.

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