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Im looking for the .pdf that was circulating of the draft of the new missal text, can anyone point me in the right direction?


Hi Matt,

You can get the revised translation of the Order of Mass I from the USCCB Roman Missal page… Here is the direct link:

Note: This is not a “draft”, per se - this has been approved by the USCCB, and has received recognitio from the Vatican.

When will the new translation begin being used?

The target date according to the CDWDS is Advent 2010. The white book has already been out since 2008 so as to give composers ample time to develop musical settings for the new translations. Paraphrases are prohibited.

Actually its more like Advent 2012*. This is the latest (as of Dec 15) in my diocese. It can’t happen before Easter 2011.

*It is possible that the intent in was to label the church year of 2012 (with the advent being 2011). But the way it is written is Advent, 2012.

Why can’t it happen before Easter 2011?

Something about approval, plus time for printing lectionaries. I don’t remember the details.

The new translation of the Lectionary and the new translation of the Roman Missal (the portion that is called the Sacramentary) are two different creatures. The new Sacramentary shouuld be out in Advent 2010; that is the timetable set by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. ICEL has just now begun work on the new Lectionary. The late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus must be doing cartwheels in heaven. A new, more correct and beautifully translated lectionary was his fondest wish.

I used the wrong term.

According to our archsbishop, the new missal translation will probably begin being used Advent 2012. This was stated in a meeting with ALL of our diocesan priests on Dec 15 in my diocese.

The parish in which I attend mass uses a lectionary published by LTP that has a separate volume for each of the 3 years in the cycle of Sunday readings. The parish that I grew up in also got this same lecitonary set sometime in the late 90s. I moved during the Easter Season 2001. Will a new lectionary replace these? Before this multipile volume lectionary came along we used a one volume that looked similar to the sacramentary.

However, the CDWDS did indicate that the new translation would be out for use in Advent 2010. Were you at the diocesan meeting? Can you state for certain that this was the case? The reason why the CDWDS gave the USCCB the ultimatum for approval by November 30, 2009 was because we were the last conference and the translations had been delayed long enough.

Even your own archdiocesan website lists 2011 as the target date, not Advent 2012. Furthermore, Advent 2010 could very well be considered 2011 because Advent is the start of the new liturgical year.

If you read my past posts you will see what I indicated in the *

This is the official word from the diocese. Argue it all you want. I’m really disinterested.

Are those the ones with the trees and leaves on the covers? It would certainly be convenient to not have to make sure you have the right year each time you set out the readings. This LTP Lectionary is approved only for the US and uses a Revised New American Bible translation.

Is ICEL really working on a Lectionary for all the English speaking countries or only for the US to get rid of the awful NAB translation? Canada just got a new Lectionary so I doubt it will affect us.

Again, the statement you made does not jibe with what is in your Archdiocesan website. Furthermore, this is what appeared in the February 2009 USCCB Committeeon Worship Newsletter:

“On December 15, Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., USCCB President, received a letter from Antonio Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, Prefect of the Congregation, in which he expressed a desire to facilitate a more expeditious completion of the approval process for the English translation of the Missale Romanum, editio typica tertia, and see the publication of the Roman Missal in English by the end of 2010.

Thus, the CDWDS is the one setting the timetable this time. That is why the CDWDS was firm in its deadline of November 30, 2009.

Fear not, Phemie, it’s only for the United States. I hope that the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus will intercede for something superior to the RNAB. It is just awful. I would rather use the Second Edition Revised-CE (the Ignatius Bible) translation. The language is so much more beautiful and it is already in compliance with Liturgiam Authenticam.

Yes, they are. I don’t think there would be a problem with making sure we are using the right lectionary for the year. For example after the last mass on the Feast of Chirst the King, I put away the Year B volume in the cupboard and took our Year C and set it on the counter in the sacristry. Year C won’t go back in the cupboard until the next Feast of Christ the King.

That says publication date.

Anywho, don’t really care to argue. All I’m saying is what the all the priests were told. We were given lots of resources for catechesis to begin right away.

The Seattle Archdiocese has set next September to begin training their priests in the NEW new Mass.

I am also, not a fan of the NAB. I use the DR. The Ignatius Bible is nice. My wife has one and its pretty good.

Benedictgal, please set me straight!. I was not sure that the new translation had the approval of the Vatican. Our pastor here in Moscow wants to begin teaching the people the new responses as early as Lent of this year. We are not under the jurisdiction of the American bishops, but we have our own bishop. I don’t think that our bishop is going to spend too much time worrying about what translations the small English language community is using as long as it is approved by Rome. I have found Masses and responses which we can use on the Musica Sacra website. My question is that if we have the permission of our bishop, are we good to go?

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