New Moon has "deviant message": Vatican [CNAU]

Nov 23, '09 5:00 pm
The Pontifical Council for Culture has expressed concerns over the growing popularity of the Twilight vampire series, and called its newest film a “moral vacuum with a deviant message.”


Again they criticize a book I bet they haven’t read. Like the whole Harry Potter thing.

Sounds that way notice they didn’t give any examples just “It’s bad!”

The “Twilight” books were written by a Mormon. The previous most popular vampire series, “Interview With The Vampire,” was written by a Catholic (Anne Rice.)

All of the major characters in “Twilight” are, apparently, virgins. Which I don’t think accounts for the terrible review the movies get: rather, I think they really are turkeys despite the intricacies of the plot. Who wants to see a bunch of bare-chested guys running around the wilderness? They’re “chick flicks” for 12-year old girls. And their mothers.

Yeah, seems to me that the biggest lesson from the movie is that werewolves don’t wear shirts, but only denim cut offs.:wink:

I think the biggest lesson is don’t judge a book by its movie. I have just been to see the movie, because I like the book series so much, and then re-read the book for about the 10th time. The movie does not begin to convey the very deep and meaningful spiritual and emotional development that goes on in the book.

It is bad. No its worse than that… Its lame. Lame beyond belief.A lame book written by a lame writer who had to steal lame ideas from another lame book. If i was rich. I would bu y the rights to the movies/books. And do a cross over. Blade v twilight. Although it wouild be a short movie/book. Cause wesley snipes would kill all those posers in about ten minutes. One more gripe about these pathetic movies. With all the money the first movie raked in. You think they would do a better job with the werewolves. Honestly i’ve seen more believable werewolves from those old black n white werewolf movies of the 30’s.
So in conclusion i agree with the vatican 100% on this.:thumbsup:

One monsignor is the whole Vatican now? I love how the press gets one quote and makes a whole story around it. The same article says the Catholic church condemned Halloween as anti-Christian. It making the church look like a bunch of fundamentalists. :rolleyes:

I’ve heard that the majority of the audience is female.

Are we sure this was the same series of books, I’d condemn these books. But not because they are bad morally, but because they are badly written, full of purple prose and are mosk akin to poor, poor quality fan fiction. I can think of a panoply of books for young adults that would be far, far better than these wretched pieces of work. But’s it not the morality that make them wretched, they would be wretched writing whatever their subject matter.

Why is it that fans of this book are so defensive that they automatically assume that this review was done without the materials being viewed? A little too defensive I think. And the report was specific about occult characters, vampires.

Speaking only for myself (I did not post the comment that it seemed to be reviewed without having been read) and not other fans of the books, I tend to think that those who criticize the books have not read them for two reasons: (one) I have found the whole series to be very good reading on several different levels. I tend to think that if someone actually read the books that there is a good chance they could see the good in them that I do. and (two) most of the time I ask people who criticize the books if they have read them, it turns out that they haven’t.

These books are so profoundly Catholic that I am repeatedly amazed that there are not more Catholics holding Twilight discussions in person and on the internet. There is a great treasure here, which many Catholics are ignoring. I truly think that there is some sort of sin of denigrating that which is good. I apply this equally to people who do not appreciate dandelions (my very favorite flower) and people who do not like Twilight. No, I didn’t say that right. There are differences in taste, and I don’t really have any quarrel with people who just don’t like the books, or those beautiful yellow flowers. My problem is with people who claim that because they cannot appreciate those gifts, that there is no goodness in them, and that therefore these wonderful gifts should be poisoned.

When Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem the people shouted with joy. The Pharisees told Jesus to make them be quiet. Those who did not love Jesus just heard noise, not praise to the glory of God. I used to wish that Jesus HAD told his followers to be quiet, so that “the very stones would sing out”. Then I realized that the Pharisees would not have heard that as a miracle, but just as more noise.

I’ve read them, I struggled to read the third one in particular. I read them to be honest merely because once I start a book or series no matter how bad it is i generally finish reading it. I do not find anything outstandingly Catholic in them.

It does have vampires who live in the vatican… but there’s no sex in it, it’s a really innocent movie. This isn’t going to make me not see it, its only a film…

How about, just for starters, the notion that one can live a life that requires constantly denying temptation? And the reason for this is just to be a better person. To me the most important line in the book is when Bella is first letting Edward know that she knows what he is, and she asks him why they make the effort to live differently from other vampires, always having to be controlled, always wanting something they deny to themselves. Edward says “I don’t WANT to be a monster.” Isn’t that why we Catholics resist temptation?

This idea is developed much more in the later books.

It’s the childish writing which I find deplorable in them, if you want books for young adults that explore themes of morality and ethics Ursula Le Guins work is far superior or TH White, Tolkien or Lloyd Alexander just to name a few alternatives.

Um, I believe the picture at the top was from the MOVIE and the review was the MOVIE.

Good question. :thumbsup:

They could make werewolves not wearing denim cutoffs but it would be censured, ya think?

I will admit I have not read the books, but I do not want to. Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I can tell vampires have been evil. They have been associated with the devil, the thing that hurt them were Crucifixes and Holy water and light-signs of good. Twilight distorts the image of good and evil by having “good” vampires.

Also as far as their chasteness is concerned, how is a bunch of werewolves going around without shirts not suggestive in some way? I don’t want to get to uptight about it, but middle school girls are going to see this. Also doesn’t Edward watch Bella sleep? Sure its because he cares but would you want some boy watching your twelve year old daughter sleep?

I cant really say much more, and please correct me if I have been fed false information, but from what I see, it is enough to know this book is not very good.

Kind of like how you’re criticizing an article you clearly haven’t read? :tsktsk: This review is about the film New Moon, not the book on which it was based.

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