New Movies of 2008

Pick your favorite, “I can’t wait!” movie.

Also coming out February 14th is Jumper

I have a couple:

Iron Man
The Dark Knight
Star Trek
Horton Hears a Who
Prince of Caspian
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Speed Racer (although, looks bad)
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (I like Brendan Fraser)
Hancock (I like Will Smith)

I’m looking forward to:

Prince Caspian
Indiana Jones
Star Trek (Eric Bana plays the villain)
The Dark Knight (supposed to be even darker than the Michael Keaton Batman films)
The Mummy 3

I’m looking forward to…

Prince Caspian
Star Trek XI
Indiana Jones
Bond 22

and most of all… the new X-files film (which I’m also dreading because I won’t be able to bear it if it’s bad.)

Several Looked really good! I don’t know if I can pick!!

Cloverfield looks really interesting. Been a while since we had a good ‘giant monster terrorizes coastal city’ movie.

Indy, of course.

Get Smart is coming out on Nepenthe’s birthday… I think I know what we’re gonna be doing :slight_smile:

Wall-E, the next Pixar flick, is promising.

There’s a remake coming of The Day the Earth Stood Still? :eek:

I haven’t read Shantaram, but I’m interested.

Yes. According to Moviefone its Theatrical Release Date is 12/12/2008.

I can actually see Keanu Reeves making a passable or even a good Klaatu. Wonder if they’ll be taking more after the original movie or the short story that was based on, ‘Farewell to the Master’, which has a rather interesting twist :slight_smile:

I think everyone mentioned the ones I’m excited about (new Narnia, new Indiana Jones, new Batman).

I did not know about Mummy 3. That’s awesome. I loved the fact that, in the second movie, Brendan Fraser’s character was actually married to the “love interest” from the first movie. That’s not very common in action/adventure movies! Hopefully it’s the same in the third?

The buzz on Cloverfield appears to be growing… and deafening.

And y’all only got ta wait one week for this one.

Or the angle that he married her then divorced her and spends the 2nd movie getting her back. I like the 2nd and hope the 3rd is a continuation.:thumbsup:

This time they battle a Chinese mummy, who’s played by Jet Li.

I don’t think they were divorced in the second Mummy movie, unless you’re talking about a different movie.

No, I’m being sarcastic. That’s what I liked about the 2nd movie. They remained together, worked together, and had fun; sort of.

I believe you’re thinking of “The Legend of Zorro”, the second Zorro movie.

No, I was making a sarcastic remark that continued from Joe 5859’s remark regarding the fact that Brendan Fraser and the women were still together in The Mummy movies. I was praising the movie.

Man, it really ruins the joke when you have to explain it.

The Dark Knight has easily been my most anticipated movie since I walked out of the theater after seeing Batman Begins.

I’m looking forward to seeing Black Waters of Echo Pond. This sounds like a real psychological thriller. I hope it’s not just a slasher movie, or I’ll be disgusted.

Also Strange Wilderness, which is billed as “This ain’t March of the Penquins!” It’s also been reviewed as “guy humor.” (I’m a woman.) I love things that make fun of wilderness shows! I think this movie has the potential to be a sleeper huge comedy hit. OR–it will be another stink bomb like Balls of Fury.

Of course, the main reason I’m looking forward to these two movies is that my favorite actor (Robert Patrick) is in them! He has a really decent role in Black Waters. I think he just makes a short appearance in Strange Wilderness, sticking around just long enough to beat someone up. At any rate, he looks really cute beating the the guy up–his biceps muscles bulge nicely. Inspires me to go to the gym.

Third film takes place after their son has grown up. Rachel Weizwill not be in it.

Maria Bello will play Rick Connell’s wife instead.

Im waiting for a few…

Mummy 3
Indy 4
The Dark Knight
Iron Man
Prince Caspian

This friday Colverfield comes out, and Ive been looking foward to that one for a while.

There are quite a feww movies that I’m looking forward to.

The Dark Knight
Indy 4
Prince Caspian
The Other Boleyn Girl
Get Smart
Star Trek
James Bond
Run fat boy run

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