New Noah Movie.

Say it ain’t so Joe - New Noah Movie.

Is it true that the new movie Noah, completely left out any reference to God?

What in the world is happing here? How can one tell the story of Noah without God?

What do you think about this?

I don’t know but as much as I wanted to see this film I don’t think I will.

According to this review:
the contention that God is never mentioned is “the silliest controversy around the film.”

According to one review I have read, God is prominently featured in the movie bu they use the term Creator instead of God. This was a stylistic choice designed to highlight how differently Noah would have regarded God. I don’t think this is a bad thing

We can contrast this with Joseph and and the Technicolor Dream Coat which removes God in name and in presence. This was more problematic…

yeah, i read somewhere that the director is a self-confessed atheist and he is proud to say he secularised the movie.

ah, here it is:

Let’s not be like the evangelicals. It seems like a good movie. Most Catholic reviews are very positive.

Noah is not a spiritual movie. That it is promoted by any religious radio, television or internet organization is baffling .

See it for yourself. Think for yourself and don’t sit back and wait for someone to tell you what to do. See the movie and report back what YOU thought of it. Or wait until it comes out in DVD or Netflix.

But how are they portraying God?

Well, they left enough about God** in **to get banned in the Arab countries of Bahrain, Kuwait and a growing number of other Muslim countries.


That would not take much.

Technically it’s banned from muslim countries because Noah is depicted and they have a no no on physical depiction of prophets.

Here’s a link to an interview from EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo:

Pretty good interview. I think I will see the movie after this interview. I wondered how they were going to do this movie given the little information we have about the story in the Bible. Hollywood is notorious for having license in telling or retelling stories so I assume this would be no different. After hearing the director and actors talk I think they thought about the Bible account and tried to be fair to the story. If this movie steers Hollywood into making more religious themed movies :thumbsup:

It’s the movies and we need to take all movies with a grain of salt and not let it be the narrative of truth but a starting point for further inquiry.

The wife and I are going to see it tomorrow. It sounds very interesting and not blasphemous in the least, and we’re not threatened by a bit of controversy; no Catholic should be.



This is a thought provoking Movie :thumbsup:

It is an enjoyable watch and it brings up how mans current views might have indeed forgot about what God has commanded.

We could all do well to re think our commitment to God and His Faiths :blush:

God Bless all and Regards Tony

I saw the movie “Noah” over the weekend with 3 of my older sons (16+). As an action movie, it was good. Expecting “Noah” to portray Scripture is like expecting to understand biology after seeing “Jurassic Park.”

It did give rise to a lot of good conversation in my family - so that was a plus.

My wife and I saw it last night. You are correct, the references to God as Creator permeate the movie.

My wife and I talked about that choice on the way home, and we both agree with it.

It is set 8 generations after Adam, when the Creator and His existence would be just as well known and accepted by all as that of George Washington. The Creation would have been as much a part of recent history as the founding of American is today.

But is was before Moses, when the Great Name (I AM\Yahweh) was made known, and nominally before a time when the existence of other gods would not even have been though of, so there would have not been a general noun for referring to a divine being (god).

I just saw Noah. It’s a very complex film. There is a lot of moral complexity, there is a lot going on. If you are expecting it to be a retelling of Sunday school class, then you will be disappointed. However, if you approach this story from it’s own perspective, using the Biblical Story as a way to tell an allegorical human tale, then you may enjoy it. My own take on it? I liked it a lot. It uses the Story of Noah to explore the question of Mercy/Judgement, The worth of Humanity, Respect for the Environment, and the Moral Complexity of Life and Humans. Moral Complexity is it’s biggest weakness and strength. All in all, I think the Movie has a message that is powerful and positive. Not the same Message the Genesis story had, mind you. But it has a story to tell. Two thumbs up, with a caution to those that are expecting a simple retelling of a biblical story.

Pretty good movie.


For those who saw the movie, I’d like to ask, did Noah really consider, and then at the last minute, stop the attempt to kill his grandchildren, and did he think that God wanted all people, including his own family, to die, and blame himself at the very end because he did NOT kill his family? This was mentioned in a couple of reviews and it’s something that is holding me back. It’s all right as many mentioned to have a ‘deeper’ story or to change a few things, but it seems to me that the changes made in this make it into something that cloaks itself as ‘about’ the biblical Noah but which actually has made an entirely different Noah.

It would seem to me comparable to “Abraham Lincoln, vampire hunter”. . .taking a ‘real’ character and making up a fantasy about the character. . .

Except that every knows vampires are fiction. . .

and in this movie, the actions Noah takes are not ‘fantastical’. There is nothing in the Scripture to say that at one point Noah did NOT threaten to kill his grandchildren. . .so you’ll have the people (who are LEGION on some of these topics) say that the whole thing is just a POSSIBILITY. . .

though what is actually stated in Scripture and Sacred Tradition would instead say that this ‘storyline’ is not possible at all based on the character of Noah as it has been revealed to us by God.

Personally, this seems like just another ‘blockbuster’ like the Lord of the Rings (and I adore the written Lord of the Rings while detesting the movies) in which a talented director ‘makes things more interesting’ by completely changing the focus and the MESSAGE of the writer into something that then, through popular viewing and association, is claimed to be what the writer actually was trying to convey, or would have it he had lived a little later, or isn’t contradictory. . .

IOW, a bunch of shoop with a pretty covering pretending not to be shoop. . .

Anyway, I’d appreciate if somebody who really saw the movie would report to me (without any explanations as to why it was artistically OK --I understand those), just flat out what Noah planned for the grandchildren and if he thought he did NOT do God’s will at the end of the movie because he didn’t kill off his family.


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