New On-the-Ground Investigations Confirm UNFPA Complicity in China's Coercive Population Policy

By Kathleen Gilbert
FRONT ROYAL, Virginia, July 7, 2009 ( - The Population Research Institute (PRI) is turning up the heat on the Obama administration for handing $50 million to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) with news of yet another investigation confirming the UN group’s complicity in China’s coercive birth control policies.

In March and May of 2009, PRI carried out two separate investigations, covering 6 UNFPA “model counties.” These are counties where the UNFPA claim that their efforts have “removed birth targets and quotas and introduced a quality-of-care approach” - a claim the investigators call “outrageous.”

PRI investigator Colin Mason and President Steven Mosher say they found that not only do coercive measures remain in force, but the situation is in some ways worse than in previous years, when an original investigation prompted the Bush administration to halt the UNFPA’s U.S. taxpayer funding.

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