New Ordinary for Novus Ordo Mass

Does anyone know when the new ordinary for the Novus Ordo mass is supposed to come out?

I know the US Bishops approved it recently.

I’m not certain, so don’t take this verbatim, but i think it’s possible that some of the changes might be implemented and practiced on some Sundays during Advent? I think I heard this somewhere…

The question and answer above are confusing.

What is meant by “Ordinary”? I think what is being asked is when is the new English translation of the Order of Mass being introduced.

The plan is to first get an approved translation of the whole of the 2002 Roman Missal. This may happen by the end of 2007.

I suspect there may also be a need to get approved translations of other liturgical books such as the Liturgy of the Hours and Book of Blessings. This may take something like 10, 20 or 30 years. Then there would be the same approved translation of “And with your spirit” instead of “And also with you” which are in these books.

Whether it takes two years or 200 until new responses are used at Mass, the 2002 Roman Missal has already been approved and published in its Latin edition. So the instructions in it should have been followed since its publication in March 2002.

Some places have taken (and are taking) longer to educate people about it than others.

Before pedantry sets in too far:

Certain responses (such as translations of “Dominus vobiscum” and “Et cum spiritu tuo”) are common to many liturgical books.

Obviously, if a Missal were ever to get approved (it’s taken how long? Remember, the 1975 Missal was never translated into English)…obviously, the common replies would apply to all books.

While the USCCB approved the translation, I don’t think they have received word back from the Vatican. As I understand it, there were many ammendments that the USCCB proposed that need to be given a “yes” or “no”. I think the US was the last English speaking country to approve the translation but Vox Clara will likely want to publish one English translation for all of the English speaking countries so they need to compile all of the individual submissions and ammendments. All in all, not a quick process.

That being said, the new madate about the translation of “pro multis” said it was to be incorporated within two years. I would not be surprized if there is a big push to get the English translation in place by then.

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