New overtime law goes into effect 12-1-16


This is great news for any salaried employees that make less than $47,500. per year, starting Dec1, they will now get overtime for anything over 40 hrs.


No regional COLA? That seems a little silly.


I thought so, too, but many of my employees in that category sure are unhappy about it. They have to log their time, they feel they’re now viewed as less than professional, and in some cases, they’ve had some long-held assignments taken away from them to avoid overtime pay situations (not my choice but policy changes from above).


Everyone that I know that this will effect is happy about it, I was on salary for a short time many years ago when I managed a pizza place, at first I thought it was great, presumed I could get some good employees hired and end up with a couple extra days off here and there, boy was I wrong. I soon found out I was basically ‘on call’ 24/7 to the store owner, since my pay was always the same whether I worked 30 hrs or 90 each week.


HA! Does that work also for the Private sector and Churches???

In 20 years of working for parishes, sometimes upwards of 60 hours a week, I’ve never ever received overtime pay.

I’ll believe it when I see it.


As in any system, there will be people who abuse this. In my job there are people who work their 40 hours and get their work done, and those who are always behind, dragging everyone else down, because they are so busy do-dahing around, visiting, etc. These will be the ones who take advantage of the overtime. It’s just like when we used to get sick time. There were those who were always getting sick… mark my words.


I am still on the fence about this.
On the face of it, it looks great. People will now get paid for overtime. OR management can simply remove the tools needed to do the work after hours and the employee ends up with an equal amount of work and only the 8 hours of a day to do it in.


I think these people would complain if they won the lottery…


Or people can learn to get their work done in 8 hours. It’s not that difficult.


have a little charity.
Many of us have legitimately more work then can be readily done in 8 hours.

Unless, of course, you wish to claim intimate knowledge of the work I do, the time the tasks take, and my own efficiency.


The headline of the article is a bit misleading. There is no new overtime law, but rather, a series of new administrative regulations by the Dept of Commerce.

Those are most certainly going to be reviewed by the new administration,


What do you do?


Why does it matter?
Clearly you have already come to conclusions about those with a high workload.

Or people can learn to get their work done in 8 hours. It’s not that difficult.

Clearly indicates the attitude that someone that finds they have more work than time must be at fault…that they are negligent.

You have made a judgement without having all of the facts.


I’m just curious about what kind of work you do. Because I’ve been working for many years and most people can get their work done in 8 hours or less in an office job, with plenty of time for breaks.


I work hard at staying private on bulletin boards such as this.
Without too much detail, I am the sole helpdesk in two different companies with around 50 locations spread across 2 different states.
I have over 2500 PC’s that I have to maintain and troubleshoot across the territory.
Even with all of the automation tricks I can muster, I still end up working after hours.

The way I see it, management will have a number of options…
Increase my pay.
possible, but I have my doubts.
Pay me overtime.
Possible again, but they will quickly determine (if they have not already) that overtime will cost them more then increasing my salary.
Hire a second person.
Again, possible. But it would be part-time just to fill in what I could not cover in a day…and given the salary in mind would only be sufficient to cost less than an increase for me or OT…low pay lures low quality individuals.

Again, I am on the fence.
I would love the pay, I would love the free time. But I am afraid I will only get a headache.


I only know one person affected. He is not happy because… he will have to work the hours he is supposed to.


And sometimes it’s not just one workload but an entire office’s workload that sees an increase. Some jobs see higher traffic in some seasons than others and require additional support but which the company is not bringing anyone new in for.


This is good news for the people receIving the OT (or getting the pay raise so they remain in exempt category if they presently fall under it).

It is bad news for others who might not even think they’ll be affected by this. In my industry, we were looking to expand our workforce. However, now we need to rethink employment expansion plans and/or let some employees go so we can still hit our financial numbers due to these new requirements. Another option is to reduce/forego the originally planned pay raises of current employees to accommodate the new regulations.


I just read an article that says Trump and Congress wish to overturn this Obama move within the first 100 days - sounds like it’s pretty high on their agenda.


This is my experience. The whiners usually spend their time whining not working.:thumbsup:

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