New Oxford Annotated Bible (NRSV)


Does anyone know anything about this version of the Bible? I have to buy it for a Bible course I’m taking in the fall, and just from the title I’m guessing it’s not very Catholic friendly (as it refers to the deuterocanonicals as apocrypha). Anything anyone can tell is appreciated.


I’ve used it. No big deal.

It is a creation of the Oxford Press, so therefore non Catholic; but at least it contains our entire canon.



NRSV is an official bible of my church, and the liturgical bible of my parish. I find it to be nice readable bible version but not too readable if you know what I mean.


The New Ocford Annotated Bible is a non-denominational, academic Study Bible, so don’t expect it to feature any specifically Catholic (or for that matter, Protestant or Orthodox) interpretations or notes. The notes generally come from a historical or literary criticism background, and these are usually not offensive to Catholic doctrines (unless one is a biblical literalist).

But i wouldn’t fret about the NOAB grouping the deuterocanonicals under the “Apocrypha”. The NOAB uses the term Apocrypha, not in the Protestant sense of non-canonical, but in a neutral sense to refer to “those works that are included in the Septuagint, the Ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible with additions, or in the Old Latin and Vulgate translations, but are not included in the Hebrew text that forms both the Canon for Judaism and the Protestant Old Testament.” This is the meaning that the NOAB and the NRSV translation committee given to the collective term “Apocrypha”, which is factually true without any value judgement.


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