New Papal car

I checked on the Weather Channel website tonight, and look what I found!

It isn’t a new popemobile, it’s for local use. Looks pretty cool!

Wow, electric. Pretty cool, indeed. I’ll bet that car can almost make it to the Rome city limits on a single charge. :slight_smile:

I am not surprised!
You see, we Catholics were eco-friendly before it was cool.

Very nice, and says that an eco-Pope-mobile might be on the cards!

That’s called the sedia gestatoria.

I dont see whats so bad about the Sedia Gestatore. With the flanking Noble Guards and feather carriers. Beautiful. I think that’d be a good move. All these stories of a power struggle. All His Holiness needs is one big show of force to show who is the boss.

And he’s doing it like a boss. :smiley:

“It is not this way among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant.” Matthew 20:26

How cool!

  1. It was donated by Renault
  2. It’s green


According to it’s specs it apparently has a range of about 170 kilometres on a single charge, dependent on weather conditions, road types etc.

I wonder how long do these electric cars need for a “single” charge. It’s not like charging a handphone. :smiley:

As a non-driver I have no idea. I got the specs from the manufacturers’s website. There is probably a poster who can tell us roughly how long electric cars need to fully charge up though.

go green.

Been an Irish republican I would have thought I was already sufficiently green. Although oddly enough like a previous noted Irish nationalist Charles Parnell (incidentally a grandson of the US Admiral Charles Stewart) I actually loathe the colour green and would prefer Ireland returned to the colour blue in national symbols.

With regards to electric cards from what I know they seem to be a technology still in it’s infancy and I have heard points made that shows them as both eco-friendly and unfriendly.

Around here I can see many “hybrid” cars which use both petrol and electric. I guess this saves the time for the charging. Toyota Prius is one of the example of the hybrid cars.

You see a fair amount of hybrid cars in parts of London to. Also you see quite a few small sized electric cars in the City of London where parking space is at a premium as that’s the financial district and heavily congested. . Driving in London is nightmarish and many people just don’t bother any more as parking is hideously expensive and it’s often easier to just get goods delivered in many cases when buying bulky items.

What is the relevance of this?

The Noble Guard no longer exist.

Oh, but that can change :tiphat:

Now that I think about it, when I was a student in Rome, back in the 80s, I don’t remember ever seeing Cardinal Ratzinger drive. I don’t know if it was because he did not drive or did not have a car. A seminarian would pick him up, bring him to the university for class and then take him home. Bl. John Paul drove, even as pope, which drove the Roman police and Vatican security to drink. He owned his car during the first two years or so of his papacy. I just can’t recall Card. Ratzinger driving. :confused:


Br. JR, FFV :slight_smile:

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