New Peter Kreeft book question

On April 30th, the new Peter Kreeft book “Handbook of Catholic Apologetics: Reasoned Answers to Questions of Faith” will be on shelves.

Is this book an extension of the first book “Handbook of Christian Apologetics: Hundreds of Answers to Crucial Questions” or something like a sequel to the first book? It sounds like an entirely new book, based on the title, but I wanted to be sure.

Amazon is unable to offer a preview now and the book is also unavailable for preview on Google Books.

I don’t know for sure, but based on my impression of Peter Kreeft’s style I don’t see him as one to publish a new book that is in any way a regurgitation of an older one. Instead I think he is doing a play on words so to speak by using a title similar to one of his previous ones. In doing so saying like, “okay, I gave you the reasons behind basic Christianity, now here are the reasons for the deeper Catholic points.”

Can’t help much, but thanks for the info. I’ve been quite a fan of him lately. :smiley:

He’s speaking at a local university near me this weekend. I’m going to hopefully go hear him tomorrow night. Maybe he’ll talk about it!:smiley: If he does I’ll report back later!~

He didn’t talk about his new book but his lecture was GREAT! I bought two of his books and he signed them. I really enjoyed meeting him.

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