New Pew! 2007-2015 Religious affiliation. (U.S)

Dip in all Christian denomination averages.

Evangelical number of adherents up while Catholic and mainline Protestants on the decline; though Catholicism seems “Relatively stable.”

Unaffiliation of any Religion booming.

Check it out:

There’s also Georgetown CARA to supplement:

I found this projected religious trends into 2050 interesting as well.

  • Projections are interesting. However, keep in mind projections about religious affiliation made in 1960 would have been mostly outdated and inaccurate in far less than 40 years!

  • Fertility is crucial. The decline in Catholic fertility in Western countries far outweighs all the other factors we usually hear about; it will undo most of the impact of evangelism and renewal programs. In the US, Catholic education at high school and college is obsessed with careers for individuals, not marriage and children.

  • Islam’s growth may be temporary. It’s only very recent that so many have been so exposed to Western culture, media, and higher education. I predict at least in some classes there will be more secularization and liberalization. Some countries are implementing birth control on large scale, but, temporarily, this is controversial. Their fertility rate will decline as the role of women changes.

  • The category for historically Black churches should probably be phased out. It was useful before, but some of these denominations are now almost identical to mainline liberal churches, while others are equivalent to evangelicals.

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